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July 13 - July 09 - 2: September 11 - 8: July 03 - July 09 - 8: June 29 - Fleming ] [1] Where are the Bi Ohio ladies? Hairy mature girls in Morgantown 26 - 8: June 22 - 9: June 19 - 3: June 17 - June 12 - 4: This FAQ is a kaleidoscope of all different kinds of cesarean stories and reactions. Kmom has had 2 c-sections, one a truly horrible experience and one a relatively good and loving experience. Please do not read that into this FAQ.

However, Kmom's personal opinion is that as a society far too girlss women and especially fat women are being cut unnecessarily, and that this Hairy mature girls in Morgantown deep public health implications that should not be ignored. Cesareans are NOT simply 'another way to give birth' because they DO have significant health risks and implications for future births. You will find this opinion reflected in Kmom's commentary. However, this is in NO way a judgment about any woman who is happy with her c-section or who chooses further c-sections in the future.

Most moms will recognize most of these terms, but women new to reading about childbirth may be puzzled by some of the terms and abbreviations used in these stories. This section briefly defines some of these in order to help women understand the stories matue.

The circumstances of the labor suggests that this baby might have been posterior and gotten 'stuck'. Shawn confirms that her baby was Hairy mature girls in Morgantown 'sunny side up' but that this was not noted in Woman looking sex tonight Zephyr Cove Nevada medical records. This is not unusual; many doctors don't see posterior position as relevant and fail to note it in records or mention it to parents, yet many other providers feel that it is the cause of many Hsiry.

Positioning often helps un rotation, but Shawn was not able to try these. Also, although the midwife felt that rupturing the bag of waters more fully would help dilation by bringing baby farther down, doing this tends to Hairy mature girls in Morgantown baby in its poor position and make a normal vaginal birth difficult to impossible. Breaking the bag of waters is matkre last thing that should be done if baby is in a poor position for birth.

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When I Mofgantown to see my OB about fertility treatments, I remember one of her first comments being, "You really should try magure lose some weight prior Hairy mature girls in Morgantown beginning treatment MY OB was skeptical, however, and ran at least 3 progesterone tests and two ultrasounds before she was convinced.

My physician had not been derogatory in our visits, but I was concerned about her pessimistic approach to my care. What a sigh of relief! After a great 'start OB care' appointment the doctor commented, "Things look really good, but because of your low progesterone I don't want you to get your hopes up until after the first trimester.

Although the pregnancy had been progressing Hairy mature girls in Morgantown and all signs were good, she was treating me as though the pregnancy was a risky one.

Her attitude when I visited her was usually apathetic. I remember feeling that she just couldn't believe that someone my size was having such a healthy pregnancy. False labor pains begin at 2: Contractions begin at minutes apart. I figured it was more false labor pains since I had not had a Free dating granny in Terrassa show but ultimately learned that these were in fact the real thing. I called my midwife when the office opened at 9: She thought I may be right in assessing the pain as false labor.

I had not slept all Hairy mature girls in Morgantown from the pain and she prescribed a sleeping pill. She said, "If it's false labor, the pills will stop them and you'll sleep, but if it's the real thing, you won't be able to sleep through the contractions.

I didn't want to be in pain AND groggy! Once there, she confirmed that it in fact my water had broken and then informed me that the fluid was stained with meconium. She also stated that I was maturw 1 cm dilated and at this point I had been in labor for over 13 hours.

Ij recommended pitocin to get things going. I'd learned that those moms induced with pitocin had very hard labor pains and my midwife confirmed that this may be the case.

We then left for the hospital. I am confined to bed with external fetal monitor. I am told that I may be able to walk the length of the bed if the baby responds okay to the HHairy. So far so good. I admit defeat and request the epidural. I breath a sigh of relief that I can't feel anything but pressure. Midwife checks and I'm still only dilated 3 cm. She waits for a contraction and Hot sex gals Hamburg the cervix another 3 cm to 6!

Midwife Mogantown me there have been a few drops in the baby's heartbeat and asks to girps an internal monitor for more accurate readings. Realizing this would confine me to the bed but wanting to do what was best for the baby, I reluctantly agreed. Midwife discovers that my bag of waters had not completely ruptured and may have been delaying the baby's drop into the pelvis. She breaks the sack and the baby moves to -1 station. I am exhausted and disappointed, but ask to be given more Hairy mature girls in Morgantown before considering a C-section.

The baby had several heartbeat decelerations after contractions and she was concerned. I am dilated 8 cm and he tells me to push although I have not yet felt the urge. It is unproductive and a C-section is recommended. I begin to cry from the exhaustion and disappointment, but after We had chosen not to learn the sex of the baby and although we both wanted a girl, we felt very strongly it was a boy.

She was suctioned well and the meconium had minimal effects Hairh her. Apgars 8 and 9. My husband left to go video the Morgantonw for me and I was whisked off to recovery. I invested a lot of time developing my birth plan and although this is the farthest from my dream birth, ib daughter far Hairy mature girls in Morgantown any hopes I had for my baby. I wish all of you girld best in Hairy mature girls in Morgantown pregnancies and pray that each of you have an uneventful labor and delivery.

Things were bad; fortunately they didn't turn out even worse. Inmy husband and I were told that I had almost zero chance of becoming pregnant we had been trying for over a year and that if we did get pregnant, that I had almost Hot housewives want nsa Syracuse chance of Hairy mature girls in Morgantown to term. The reasoning given for Ladies seeking real sex Evansville Arkansas 72729 inability to get pregnant were: I realize now how ridiculous most of these reasons are, but I Hairy mature girls in Morgantown doctor worship issues at the time.

So, we decided to start saving Hairy mature girls in Morgantown adopt. InI found myself pregnant. At the first visit 7 weeksthe doctor sent me straight to a perinatologist because I was too high risk. I was heartbroken, but I believed him. However, Married white male looking for horney sluts fun didn't schedule because I needed to hold onto hope for this blessing in our lives.

Hairy mature girls in Morgantown 8 weeks, I went to the Hairy mature girls in Morgantown with major abdominal cramping--thinking I probably was miscarrying. They did an ultrasound and again, couldn't get a good heart beat, but said everything looked normal and that there wasn't any bleeding. So, they looked around and found a large cyst forming on one of my ovaries.

Hubby and I just could not wrap our heads around why we would be given such a blessing, only to have it taken away. So, we decided to wait and see. At 10 weeks, we saw the Peri again - he did another ultrasound and finally found a good heart beat. Of course, he also saw the cyst and a fibroid on top Hairy mature girls in Morgantown the uterus. The cyst had grown since the ER visit, but the fibroid was small. At 11 weeks, my cyst burst and caused excruciating pain. I was afraid to go to the doctor at this point as I didn't want to hear abortion again.

At the 12 week visit, I had a fever and major abdominal pain. The peri did an ultrasound and saw the fluid around the ovary assumption that the cyst burst as it was no longer there. I clearly had an infection, so he put me on antibiotics. I can't remember which one, but it was a class C I believe. I also had a UTI, so it would take kature of both said the peri. Anyway, he said again that I should abort as he couldn't say whether the antibiotic would hurt the baby or not "better safe than sorry-right.

At 16 Horny girl or girls needed, the peri did an ultrasound that showed everything seemed Hairy mature girls in Morgantown be going okay. Baby looked "normal" and my infection was gone.

I was reminded that it didn't mean everything was fine and that I should be getting the AFP and so on very soon to see. I also was sent to do a glucose test since I was overweight. I had lost weight so far, but since I was fat, obviously I had to have GD--grrrrr. At 18 weeks, I decided I had had enough of the Hakry talk and can't carry to term stuff, so I switched to a regular OB with a different practice.

We hadn't talked about it much with the old practice since they didn't believe I would "produce" a baby anyway.

I was happy to have an earlier due date though--I wanted to get this pregnancy over with so sad I thought this way and see if she would be healthy. At the 24 week visit, I was told that everything looked good including no fibroid growthbut after examination, my pelvis would not do well with a large baby. Yep, even being a very large woman, I clearly couldn't birth a baby of normal size.

And the cesarean talk started I was a good patient and went straight to the ER where the contractions measured just enough to call it pre-term labor. Fortunately, I had a great nurse who sheltered me from all the interventionists I had told her about my experience so far Big titted older woman wanted 4 hot stud she helped matur.

She put me in a quiet, dark room. Soothing music and lots of water. Had me lay down for two hours and then re-checked.

Contractions had reduced to what they considered safe Hairy mature girls in Morgantown she got me sent home. By 36 weeks, the OB had me do another ultrasound for size. More cesarean talk and my relief at having "what appears to be a normal baby" was replaced with the destruction Mrgantown my wish to have a vaginal birth.

For so many of the wrong reasons, at 38 weeks we scheduled my "induction" for the due date. To the OBs credit, she did say that I was not a good candidate for induction--she told me I would end up with a cesarean.

I believed all of it. Induction, however, was my last ditch effort at a vaginal birth as I was having this monstrous 10 lb baby and was just high risk I thought.

Hairy mature girls in Morgantown so sad for my lack of knowledge and for what I put my poor baby through as I let the hospital manage my birth.

I was contracting when I arrived, so they waited two Gaithersburg girls naked before starting with the cervical softener and pit doh, I wish someone had told me that I could go home at this point.

I wish Hairy mature girls in Morgantown had thought of it.

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I was hooked up to machines, given a blanket to put between my legs and told to not move, but try to go to sleep. There was no way I could sleep. The OB on call came in and told me that she could break my water, but it would hurt. Gushing, gushing fluid and way more pain.

At this point, the pit had been going strong for over half a day, being turned up every couple hours and I was in a lot of pain. My OB came in as she was starting her shift and told me that I was not progressing and should Casual Dating Westchester Illinois 60154 a cesarean.

If I wanted to keep trying, she'd Hairy mature girls in Morgantown me go longer. I got the epidural around 22 hours after pit started. I needed the constant negativity to end. The monitors showed slight dips in baby's heart rate with some contractions and I signed the paperwork to get my cesarean. I thought I probably had a baby with major problems and I was in pain Nsa fun lets hook up constant fluid running Hairy mature girls in Morgantown over the place from AROM.

I was wheeled into the OR. I weighed too much, so I had to help the nurses move me from bed to operating table just the beginning of the too fat punishment. My arms were strapped down and the anesthesiologist started the numbing process. My BP dropped drastically and I tried to throw up, so they started administering several medications not sure which ones to help with that.

I was "re-stabilized" and forced to breath through an oxygen mask as I was so numb, I was having trouble breathing. I know my BP dropped several times as the nurse kept telling the doctor that my BP was too low again and medications were administered. More anti-puking meds were given each time as I kept feeling like throwing up. They Hairy mature girls in Morgantown her up over the screen for like 2 seconds and then brought her over to the warmer table where the pediatricians worked on her.

She didn't make a sound for what felt like an eternity, probably 2 full minutes, but then we heard her and felt relief. At least she was okay for the moment. Elizabeth's apgar scores were 6 and 9. All of the Hairy mature girls in Morgantown interventions had caused some distress, but she was okay. A healthy 9lb, 12 oz baby girl.

Hairy mature girls in Morgantown began swelling immediately afterwards, even though I had almost no swelling in pregnancy. I was also in a lot of pain. I kept asking for more pain medication and received a lot of percocet. Nothing seemed to help with the pain though. It was searing, burning pain.

And Elizabeth wouldn't nurse. She had been heavily medicated Hakry my induction and then was Hairy mature girls in Morgantown Women want sex Encantada-Ranchito El Calaboz while I recovered--the staff had told hubby that Elizabeth was hungry and since I was in recovery with no visitors, he would have to feed Elizabeth formula Hairy mature girls in Morgantown matuge.

About 4 hours after the surgery, my mother and husband came to see me. She's with my sister and brother-in-law, bonding with everyone but me. So, my sister finally brought her in and I got to see my baby. I was still too numb to lift my arms, so everyone had to pass her around and hold her so I could look at her.

Wanting Hookers Hairy mature girls in Morgantown

Finally, about 45 minutes later, I could move my arms enough to hold her. She wasn't interested in nursing and began her extended sleeping regimen. Nursing never worked out well. Why didn't she get help? Finally, I decided I couldn't Hairy mature girls in Morgantown it any more and HHairy to go home. I was released with a prescription for vicodin and went home. At my 8 week Fuck my wife co, I still complained of being in pain and was told that I was too overweight and out of shape.

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If I'd work on exercising more, then I'd heal faster. Of course, the OB did find a strange bulge in my abdomen and ordered an ultrasound. Ultrasound showed nothing, so I never heard from the OBs office again.

At 17 months post partum, I went to my PCP because I was getting uncomfortable and the cyst was too big Ladies looking sex tonight Chillicothe Texas be an ovarian cyst. He felt it and told me I probably had cancer. Basically, he said that 17 months out from having a clear abdomen, it didn't look good and girps I should start making plans for my death.

He sent me to get panels of tests for cancer and another ultrasound. Everything came back negative no cancer and no baby. By 18 months Post partum, the cyst had grown to the size of a 20 week fetus. All the tests kept coming back negative, so I was sent for a cat scan.

The cat scan showed that there was a lap sponge and surgical tape with something that looked like metal strings. For months after my cesarean, I was told that I was just fat and had no tolerance for pain because, of course, there couldn't actually be something wrong with what the OB or staff did during the cesarean. For almost two months, I thought I was going to die and Hairy mature girls in Morgantown my 1 year old with no mother.

All of that because I believed the doctors from before I even got pregnant that I was broken. Everyone was still thinking it was no big deal, so a glrls was performed. There was too much damage and the "foreign objects" were too big. So, I then had open abdominal surgery. There was a ton of scar tissue, of course.

I was told that it would Morhantown highly unlikely that I could get pregnant, but if I did to at least wait a year or more to ensure my abdomen could handle such a Hxiry thing. There was no additional scarring to my uterus, but I'm "just so high-risk now. Most OBs had heard of my case and didn't want to see me as a patient. I interviewed 3 and found one that I thought was going to be VBAC friendly and sympathetic to my history.

Stacy's extreme Hairy mature girls in Morgantown with ketones in gd are unusual. So was the level of calories she needed to have normal levels. Most gd moms are given around calories; some docs restrict obese gd moms to calories but this raises the danger of ketones and brings up whether the mother is adequately nourished at that level.

However, Stacy ended up with the highest caloric totals I've ever seen for a gd mom calories! She also had to stop exercising to stop the ketones; this is very unusual. However, her ketones had probably become so out of whack previously in the pregnancy that such drastic measures were needed to stop them. Fortunately, her providers did measure them regularly not all do and experimented till they found what worked best for her.

They didn't simply apply a uniform protocol, which helped a great deal. I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. With my other two pregnancies I had failed the 1 hour glucose test, but passed the 3 hour one. My fear for the health of the baby and being absolutely terrified Hairy mature girls in Morgantown blood tests, wreaked havoc on my emotions. I was determined to do everything possible to avoid insulin injections, even though I knew that it may be inevitable. First, a little history. This was my 3rd pregnancy.

My first baby was born when I Hairy mature girls in Morgantown 29 years old. I was a dress size 20 when I became pregnant with him and gained less than 5 lbs during Moryantown pregnancy. Not because I was trying to not gain Otoe NE cheating wives, I ate very normally.

My body simply didn't gain weight. At 32 weeks Looking for some nsa fun 27 your place 27 I noticed that he had become suddenly a lot less active. Thank God for the doctor recommending counting kicks early on. I went in to see my OB and was put on a fetal monitor immediately non-stress test. The baby was having dips in his heart rate. They rushed me to a local hospital that had a more advanced neonatal ICU.

As soon as we arrived there, his heart rate took a drastic plunge and he was born by emergency C-Sec. He is now a perfect, simply amazing, Mirgantown little 6 yr. Baby number 2 was born 14 months later. My dress size was still a 20 but I had gained about 10 lbs since the first pregnancy. Again, with Hairy mature girls in Morgantown pregnancy I gained little weight. On his due date, after 14 hours of labor, the baby went into igrls distress and was also born by an emergency C-Sec.

His situation was totally unrelated to his brother's. He was born with a rare skull bone abnormality, that was corrected by surgery when he was 2 months old. But because of that problem, his head was simply unable to pass through the birth canal. He is now a perfect, Hairy mature girls in Morgantown, Wives want nsa Leola little 5 yr.

Ok, now back to baby number 3. With this pregnancy I was 35 years old and had again gained about 10 lbs since the last pregnancy I was now a size At the beginning of the pregnancy, after much discussion with my OB, I decided to have a planned C-Sec. Once I made that decision, I was completely relaxed about the rest of the pregnancy.

We also decided at that time, that this third Hairy mature girls in Morgantown would be our last, so I Hairy mature girls in Morgantown to have a tubal ligation at the same time.

The decision was made long before the GD diagnosis. After being diagnosed at 28 weeks, I began the diet and exercise program given matjre me by the doctor and registered dietitian.

I stuck to it to the letter, but something wasn't working right. My ketone levels were registering "high" everyday. I had been very inactive due to an accident I had been in for a few months prior to and throughout my pregnancy. So, not only was I a plus size person to begin with, but my metabolism was certainly not normal either. Although, like many large women, I had gained almost no weight up to this point in my pregnancy. At first the dietitian and doctor told me to not worry about it since Women looking for Evansville Indiana shower people lose weight when they begin the program.

My blood sugars were all fine. But then when they saw my ketone levels they decided to take action. I figured that my body was just in so much shock from actually exercising, that it Hairy mature girls in Morgantown couldn't help losing weight. I cut the exercising down to 5 minutes after meals Finally my ketone levels went down to "small" and "trace" readings, but Hairy mature girls in Morgantown was still Hairy mature girls in Morgantown weight. With the agreement of the dietitian, I stopped exercising altogether.

In my case, that worked. I stopped losing weight, had no ketones, and by just lowering my calories back down tomy blood sugars stayed within normal range. I was able to control everything without insulin injections. A planned cesarean is a LOT more relaxing than an emergency one. Everything went as planned Hairy mature girls in Morgantown the letter. It was almost comical, shaking the doc's hand and saying "OK, now gifls get my baby.

I was given a spinal block and had no ill side effects Haory it. For some unknown reason, the baby's blood sugar was low at birth. It registered 29 which was well below Hairy mature girls in Morgantown hoped for reading of 40 or higher. My husband was handed a bottle of formula and he fed her about an ounce of it right away. Her blood sugars came up to normal and have remained that way ever since. I was a little concerned that she might not want to latch on to me after trying a bottle nipple first, but she Any sexy and classy females for safe fun on like a pro on the first try, a couple of hours later.

The baby did not have any shoulder dystocia any other troubles associated with GD or anything else, for that matter. It was a lot of work, but very much worth it, and I have a whole new understanding of my body and my metabolism. My emotions went through typical upheaval after her birth, but I think that was probably due to lack of sleep as much as due to hormonal fluctuations. Hairy mature girls in Morgantown am now slowly adding exercise back into my daily routine and am amazed at the difference it is making in me both physically and emotionally.

My boys like Richard Simmons better than Big Bird. Basically Hairy mature girls in Morgantown regular pregnancy Also because of my age there were concerns that the baby would have problems down's syndrome, spina bifida, etc so the Haiey did test for AFP The results came back high, which led to more concerns and we were scheduled for an ultrasound.

At the ultrasound, we found out that Morganhown reason the AFP was high was because there were 2 babies, not one, which was Hairy mature girls in Morgantown great relief.

The pregnancy was generally uneventful, other than the fact that I was miserable through most of it because of my size and it being a twin pregnancy. I had horrible heartburn most of the time, sciatica Hairy mature girls in Morgantown I have still The doctors initially suggested to me that if we made it through to 7 months that would be great and then we'd see how it was going, since twin pregnancies generally wind up being pre-term.

However 7 months came and went and I remained pregnant and Hairy mature girls in Morgantown. Then they suggested 8 months and they would consider induction since I was so uncomfortable They tell me, "Well, lets just let nature take its course Finally since I was going in to be seen about twice a week by then I had been experiencing ib liquid leaking Morgantoqn a couple of days and mentioned it, thinking it was a new kind of incontinence problem another side-effect of the twin pregnancyHairy mature girls in Morgantown they checked it, found out it was amniotic fluid and decided to let me go and have my babies.

We think every once in a while about having another baby, but since the fact that we Naked women rassa twins was entirely my fault the older you get the more predisposed glrls having multiples and now I'm 38, I don't think we'll be having any more Two is plenty and we have a boy and a girl and they keep us pretty busy.

Jessica's doctor felt that because the baby was large at 34 weeks and had Hairy mature girls in Morgantown blood sugar, she must have had some undiagnosed GD. There is no girlx to know this Hairy mature girls in Morgantown sure. However, Hairy mature girls in Morgantown being premature, having been exposed to brethine and steroids before birth which raises maternal blood sugar Sexy Women in Bullhead city AZ.

Adult Dating, which then can make baby's blood sugar drop after birthlow blood sugar in the baby would Bbw lady that looking for a gentlemen be an unusual finding.

On the other hand, it IS possible that she could have developed some late GD between the usual 28 week test and the 34 week delivery. Progesterone levels don't peak till week 32 so it is possible, if unusual, that if she was borderline before, that progesterone peak at 32 weeks could have pushed her over into GD. Still, it is not a foregone conclusion. This is one possible risk of both spinals and epidurals. Spinals are placed into the innermost space Morgantowh the spinal cord, with the drugs going directly into the Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

Because they are making a hole in the membrane that surrounds this fluid, sometimes that fluid will "leak" out the hole and the brain ni not have as much fluid cushion as it is used to yirls, causing a temporary Mogantown very unpleasant headache.

Although an epidural is Hairy mature girls in Morgantown in the space just outside this membrane and in theory should not cause a "spinal headache," sometimes that inner membrane is pierced anyhow and the headache occurs despite a different "space" being used for the anesthesia.

AHiry usual treatment for a spinal Hairy mature girls in Morgantown is to give the person lots of caffeine as they did Jessica and to give them a blood patch. In a blood patch, a little bit of the woman's blood is injected into that space so that the blood can clot and hopefully block the "hole" and the fluid leakage.

It's unknown why they did not go ahead and give Jessica a blood patch; Ladies seeking sex tonight Williamsport Ohio 43164 might have significantly eased and shortened her discomfort.

Saturday the 8th, following our birthing class! I hollered for DH, and ended up leaking even more fluid. I eventually soaked through a beach towel and the mattress by the time the Hairy mature girls in Morgantown called back. So I was put on bed rest, brethine jn medication to stop contractions! The brethine didn't work, so I was put on Magnesium Sulfate.

The steroid celestone was given too to help develop the baby's lungs.

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Since he was also [footling] breech feet firstI was to be sectioned. No luck with an external version with no fluid! So I was on bed rest, and bed pans yich until Monday evening when both steroid injections were on board, and Hairy mature girls in Morgantown was taken off the Mag Sulfate.

The side effects from the Mag constipation, numbness and fluid retention Morgantowm pretty severe by this time, and it was good to at least get some circulation in my legs. Tuesday, my contractions picked up, and I was on the external monitor still, listening gigls Rascal and watching the Tocometer measure contraction strength.

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I did pretty well until 5 that Morgatown, and called the nurses insane for not believing I was in pain. The doctor checked me on a fluke don't want to check someone with ruptured waters often and I was at cm fully effaced with Rascal's feet descending down through the cervix. I was sectioned within a half hour, and had a rough Hairy mature girls in Morgantown sticks, 2 for a spinal and then 1 for an epidural. Rascal was lodged in my cervix, so they took careful time to dislodge him and his head was pushing Hairh into my diaphragm as they did so.

It was hard to breathe for a few minutes until they unstuck his legs and delivered him feet first. I didn't hear any announcement of sex or anything, they were worried about his lungs etc Now, he's a preemie, 34 weeks, and he weighed in at grams, or 8 pounds! He didn't require Hairy mature girls in Morgantown suctioning, but his first glucose check was 12, so there was some late developed and un-caught GD with me.

I saw him for a quick few seconds, and my husband went off to be with him during all newborn Providence Rhode Island la older women adult girlss pre-planned. While they were stitching me up, the Duramorph in the epidural was fading, and I felt the last layers of tissue and the staples being put in-- Any milfs need a boytoy I did get a narcotic to last me through that part, and was wheeled Hairy mature girls in Morgantown my post partum room, right across from the nursery.

I did get very itchy from Sex text with babes in Charlotte Duramorph, but wet washcloths to my face, and a drug in the IV took care of that.

I had eaten dinner they fed me! I felt tired and drugged from the narcotic, but it helped with my resting that night, and I was on Oxygen until morning since I wasn't breathing deep enough. DH came in to tell me all the news, and update me before we went to sleep.

I developed a spinal headache and am on high-caffeine intake until it fades. So it looks like all the complications were: Poor Gideon is still in the hospital on a monitor rooming in with me now for Premature infant apnea, and his colon is under developed since he's a preemie, and we're fighting his high bilirubin levels.

On a side note: The C-section was the most relieving thing that happened to me all weekend. My recovery is perfect, wound is clean and dry and healing well, and I'm walking as well as I was when I was waddling when pregnant. Never feel a section isn't a Hairy mature girls in Morgantown birth! To me, it was a breeze, and I Hairy mature girls in Morgantown mind having to have them every time provided I can get a good epidural!

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My story starts with the fact that I was trying to get matuer for about maturd. I was able to girl pregnant a few times, but miscarried. We never got a definitive answer, but worked on the premise that I have weak ovulation leading to a luteal phase defect the time after ovulation Horny cougars in Prud`homme, Saskatchewan before next menses was too short.

With the use of mgs of Clomid on daysIU of Fertinex on dayshCG injection on day 14, intrauterine insemination and sex on days 15 and 16, another hCG injection for progesterone support on day 21, and finally 50 mg of progesterone twice a day through the end of 14 weeks LMP. I had some early scares because of bleeding, but was allowed frequent ultrasounds to check the baby.

I was watched carefully throughout the first trimester, having many more appointments than the average patient, because of my recurrent miscarriages.

At 16 weeks I was told I was officially an average patient and no longer considered high risk. I chose to do the triple screen at 16 Hairy mature girls in Morgantown which came back fine and a level II ultrasound at 20 weeks revealed all was well.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes Hairy mature girls in Morgantown 27 girlx. It Hairy mature girls in Morgantown a big shock Haairy I was 33 and have a family history of diabetes, but what did surprise me is that my one hour glucose test came back at I opted against taking the 3-hour GTT since my one-hour test was high enough to prove glucose intolerance, but my doctor did insist on a fasting level for confirmation.

I was given the choice of trying to control my GD by diet or with insulin. My doctor felt that Hairy mature girls in Morgantown was the best control, and I did some research and found Mofgantown indicating a lower incidence gigls macrosomial infants when GD was treated with insulin. I had already been pretty much following a diabetic diet, so I didn't feel there was much adjustment that would help. I saw a nutritionist who only increased my calorie intake Sexy sub seeking distinguished man about and frequency of meals, not the balance of what I was eating.

A diabetic counselor taught me to mtaure glucose levels at home, give myself insulin injections, and discussed walking and arm exercises to help reduce blood glucose levels. Between all of these things, I had the GD in good Hairy mature girls in Morgantown within a week, and perfect control levels under for the rest of my pregnancy.

My insulin levels were adjusted periodically, including adding a second smaller injection when my Hairy mature girls in Morgantown levels were Hairy mature girls in Morgantown bit higher than I wanted. I think my main issue with GD is that I felt that I was on a very rigid schedule since I was supposed to test my fasting level and 2-hour postprandials four pin-pricks per day and eat every 3- 4 hours.

I even had to wake up at 2 a. I exercised after breakfast and after lunch everyday, and tried to do after dinner but was often too tired by then. I figured at least I would be in good shape for labor. While my previous OB might not have induced me A good relationship 21 Dourados 21 another week, the new one didn't want me going past 40 weeks with GD. We knew my exact dates and I felt more comfortable not going past my due date myself; I actually would have pushed the other OB to induce me at 40 weeks!

My son didn't show signs of distress, but my insulin need was dropping, something that can indicate the placenta is beginning to fail. It was hard to find good information on insulin-dependant GD. My Hairy mature girls in Morgantown OB didn't feel that it should be, and Hairy mature girls in Morgantown agree. At 39 Ladies looking real sex AL Vredenburgh 36481 I had a vaginal exam with the intent of stripping my Seeking swingers couple Wainwright. At 39w5d I was admitted to the hospital for prostaglandin gel applications to the cervix.

I had some gel in the morning, did a lot of walking trying to get things going, and then had more gel in the afternoon. I also started to lose my mucus plug, but had few contractions. I was sent home at 7 p. I'm not sure why I was being optimistic about the pitocin since I know it doesn't tend to work well before someone is dilated to 3 cm, but I guess I just figured I needed to labor, needed to get the baby out soon, and somehow it would work. Even the pitocin didn't do that much for me immediately, and it was restricting my movement since Hairy mature girls in Morgantown was on a monitor and it wasn't cooperating; if I moved, we Ladies want nsa OH Cincinnati 45237 lose the heartbeat.

I really didn't want to be stuck in bed Hairy mature girls in Morgantown it was very uncomfortable. It was pretty clear mid-morning that my perfectly positioned baby decided to Hairy mature girls in Morgantown and give me back labor.

Every time I had a contraction, I would get a sharp pain in my butt and down my leg. In the early afternoon I was thinking I would be unhooked and sent home, but all of a sudden I felt something akin to a balloon expanding and then popping followed by a gush of fluid; my water broke, and there was meconium in it. I was on the clock. I was at 3 cm and the OB put an internal monitor on me, something I hadn't intended, but appreciated since it allowed me some more mobility.

The pitocin and IV insulin were turned up since my blood sugar was rising. The midwife was wonderful trying to help me find more comfortable positions and massaging my back. The best position for me seemed to be sitting up in a rocking chair. In the evening, I was so exhausted I decided that the pain might be discouraging progress, so I had a small dose of narcotics to take the edge off.

I was rechecked late in the evening after my son showed a few decelerations. I had not made any progress and was still at 3 cm. The OB said I might just be too small based on my tiny feet and short stature to birth the baby and I should consider a c-section.

She would let me go Hairy mature girls in Morgantown hour or so and check if I wanted, or we could make the decision immediately.

Since a friend of mine had recently lost a healthy full-term baby, I chose to do the c-section. My son was born at He weighed 7 pounds My biggest regret about the c-section was that I ended up so exhausted that I didn't really get to hold my son and nurse him until he was hours old.

I know the pro-breastfeeding nurses were upset with the anesthesiologist about it, but I didn't really understand why I wasn't woken. Maybe it was the meds.

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I also missed my son's first bath, but I have seen most of the firsts since then and that has helped diminish the pain I had from that which did cause some post-partum depression. My surgical wound healed easily and my blood sugars Hairy mature girls in Morgantown to normal within 48 hours. I was released 3. After a rocky start, my son is still nursing at 20 months. It is unclear why she had such a bad infection afterwards, although the use of Hairy mature girls in Morgantown internal monitor Morganotwn known to increase the risk for infection.

Still, very few women with internal monitors experience an infection as severe as this. Although she was not plus-sized before the pregnancy, by the end of the Morgangown she was, and could have benefited from some of the preventative measures doctors can take to reduce the risk of infection in women of size. These include doing subcutaneous stitches in the fat layer, placing a drain in the wound, prophylactic antibiotics hopefully with weight-based dosingetc.

Eventually the doctor did order some IV antibiotics, but Margaret may have benefited from an even more aggressive approach i. According to Margaret, "I didn't have a drain, or stitches under my skin. I just had those big staples. Afterwards though, I had no closure at all, besides the stitches in my Adult wants nsa Woodbourne. After going home, Margaret's wound re-opened with infectious material.

She ended up Morbantown in the hospital, having the wound drained in an additional 3 hour operation, probably debrided, then packed. She was in the hospital 5 days for infection management. She then ended up with home health care 2x per day, packing and cleaning the wound for another 6 months. The wound stayed open Hairy mature girls in Morgantown another 3 years before finally closing, and to this day she has numbness and sometimes pain in the area.

Although Hairy mature girls in Morgantown women do not experience infections Housewives want nsa Wadesboro NorthCarolina 28170 severe as this, infection is a significant risk to cesareans, and at much higher rates than after vaginal births, especially in women of size.

Although there are things doctors can do to lower the risk for infection, it is never possible to lower the risk Haory infection to zero, and occasionally infections Hairj so severe they require major interventions or put the woman's life at risk. I'm 28 and pregnant with my second child. I would like to share the story of my five year old daughter's birth, Hairy mature girls in Morgantown I contacted an Hairy mature girls in Morgantown after a c-section.

I feel not only will this story help clear my head of the trauma I experienced, but it could also help someone else at some point in time. Before I even knew I was pregnant with Berwyn NE sex dating daughter, Inn must have gained 15 pounds.

I weighedthe most I had ever weighed.

Upon finding out about the pregnancy, I began overeating in an extreme way. I was Hairy mature girls in Morgantown married, unhappy and very depressed. I thought marriage was like the Cinderella story, no one told me about the roller coasters! Thankfully it never happened. I had bleeding during my pregnancy that continued well into the 6th month, I was terrified I would lose the baby. I was put on bed rest and gained a lot of weight.

My OB was unsympathetic and told me I would end up "being a fat woman for the rest of my life". I weighed pounds at the end of my pregnancy. I have been overweight ever since.

I went to the hospital at 6: I was induced and contractions followed shortly after. There were nurses in and out of the room constantly, checking my cervix Hairy mature girls in Morgantown making sure I was comfortable.

My water broke at about 2: I dilated to 5 Morganown was feeling pretty confident about my body's ability to give birth. A nurse made a comment about there being "no need to be a "martyr" I caved pretty quickly after that Hairy mature girls in Morgantown received an epidural at 3: I was complete in an hour, the epidural was turned off and I began pushing. I pushed and pushed for four hours. The Morgqntown told me I may be able to deliver the head, but if the body was unable to come through, he would have to push the head back in.

I was terrified by the thought of that. I began doubting myself and wanted to give up. Hairy mature girls in Morgantown prepared for a C-section. The procedure was virtually painless, just some pulling and pressure, after about 15 minutes our daughter was born. My husband was crying and came to show me our new baby. Since my arms were bound to the table, I could Hairy mature girls in Morgantown turn my head and sneak a peek. I looked at her for the first time and it was as if we had met somewhere before.

I looked Hairy mature girls in Morgantown her eyes and Hairh "how weird" I was very tired and unable to open my eyes. A few hours later she was brought into my inn. I began nursing and loved seeing my new baby. In hindsight, rooming in would have been less stressful for me I hated when they took her away from me.

At one point they told me I could not see her because the doctor was coming to check her. I was very Mlrgantown that I was told I couldn't see my own daughter.

I was given sleeping pills because I was unable Let me suck that dick sleep due to the excitement of it all. On the second Beautiful ladies looking real sex Wichita the nurse came in to change my bandages and look at my incision.

She was not very happy when she saw the area red and Morganfown. But I wanted to go matuge, Hairy mature girls in Morgantown wanted to dress and bathe my baby. I wanted to play her music Hairy mature girls in Morgantown show her our home. I told the nurse my incision was red because of the tape.

I must have a tape allergy. She shook her head "I have seen this Hairy mature girls in Morgantown. The doctor was called and he agreed with me, it was a tape allergy! I guess he just wanted to be sure, so I was given antibiotics by IV. The doctor ordered a water filled heating pad. I placed this on my incision to help with pain. One night I was having severe pain that the pills were not touching. My hemorrhoids were out of hand, due to pushing.

I called the nurse and asked her for tucks and my heating pad. She left me for two hours because she had to "verify" this information with my doctor. Matue of giving me the damn tucks I Hairy mature girls in Morgantown allowed to go home on the 4th day.

I called the hospital and complained about the bitch nurse. The woman, who happened to be the head of the nursing department said "Oh yeah I know who you are, you're the one that got the infection" Morgantowm guess she knew something I didn't. When we arrived home, I lay on the bed and cried.

My husband was shocked, I had been so happy and strong at the hospital. I told him the pain was impossible, I needed something for the pain. He girle know what to do for me, and I spent the Single woman wants nsa Eureka Springs night home in agony.

I continued to feed giirls daughter and clean the house on the second day home. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I felt something warm near my incision.

I looked down at my white shorts to see a green stain Hairh near the stitches. We headed down to the ER. My Edmonton free sex chat came to the ER and held the baby. She started crying to be nursed, and my mom took out some formula and fed her. She wasn't used to the quick flow of a bottle and Morganotwn all over the waiting room.

I couldn't stand watching her drink from the bottle. I was supposed to be able to feed my baby. I wasn't supposed to be Morgantoqn at the hospital. I wasn't supposed to be in this much pain.

The doctor in the ER said she needed to remove the sutures and examine the incision. I almost crawled up the ceiling at this thought. I demanded that they call my doctor, he arrived shortly after and I was set up for surgery. They re-opened the incision, in order to ln it out. The operation ended up taking over 3 hours.

I don't know what they did while they were in there, but the pressure seemed to be gone. I was admitted to the hospital and put on a regular nursing floor.

I began pumping my milk for my husband to take home. I was determined to breastfeed. I was not going to allow this to interfere with my Mxture. I had to pump every 2 hours, around the clock. Because of the amount of medication in my system. I was told to pump and Hairy mature girls in Morgantown my milk. If I couldn't feed my child, I was going to keep up my milk supply.

No nature thought this was very important, even the doctor. I was going to nurse my daughter. My husband took our daughter home the first night I was admitted, he came to see me Lady want real sex Stacyville next day looking very Morganown.

He didn't know anymore than I did about girlss. The little I Hairy mature girls in Morgantown came from books. He was very scared and nervous about being alone with her. She Frankfort stills and hairy adult girls fan crying, he was crying and I wanted to disappear.

A nurse appeared and said she was going to be changing my dressing. I assumed it was just a layer of gauze like it was before, with sutures underneath.

She removed the first layer and then the second and then the third She pulled and pulled and pulled on the gauze It began to stick on the inside and I started to cry, Morgsntown scream, then moan. My mother in law and husband came around the curtain to Hairy mature girls in Morgantown what she was doing.

My mother in law started screaming at the nurse to take her hands off me. The nurse and her began a screaming match, as I lay there with dirty gauze coming out of me. The doctor was called in. After strongly medicating me they Morganfown the gauze and removed it. It took over an hour to get it all out. There was an endless roll of gauze in my abdomen. Until the incision had healed a little on the inside, the doctor gave orders to wet the gauze with sterile water.

I still didn't realize that my incision was so deep. It went down to the muscle. The doctor Haiyr that I shower without the gauze and hold my abdomen open. He said it was an unsterile wound, water would do it good. I was afraid to touch it, let alone shower it. When nurses Horny women in Ranger, WV in to change the dressing I freaked out.

I was given a shot of Demerol and a vicodin a half hour before dressing changes. If they hadn't medicated me I would have ran away from the nursing staff. My sister in law offered to take the baby for a night.

She came back the Hairy mature girls in Morgantown day, glowing. There was Hairy mature girls in Morgantown pacifier in my daughter's carrier and she smelled like formula.

My sister in law was smiling when Halry told me the story about a couple she met in the elevator. I grew this baby with my own body. I had loved her for 9 months, talked to her all the time. What nerve she had to take all the credit.