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As you Grave yard sucks Graveyard has taken a lot of hits over the last couple of months, from direct, and indirect nerfs. I will go over these and make my case why Graveyard needs a slight buff, Grave yard sucks why Poison should not be nerfed. First I would like to talk about the good ole days of Graveyard. This was back when I was able to push to with a level 3 GY, and yadr 6 Epics.

This was of course with the classic Splashyard deck. Let's look at the fate of the cards in this specific deck. As you Grave yard sucks see this deck got rocked by nerfs over the last few months. But even worse has been the rise of the indirect nerfs to Graveyard. As everyone knows 3M is a hard match up for a GY deck. If you chance it and burn your Poison on a Collector then you Grave yard sucks get swarmed by your opponent or overpowered by I want to play swallow the leader. Also, if you burn that Poison you cannot properly push with a Graveyard because you needed to address the collector.

Graveyard are Donezo | MetalSucks

As far as Poison goes, it's a Graveyard players best friend, as well as their worst enemy. I would say at a minimum, 8 of 10 decks I face run Poison. But I don't want to see it nerfed as well, with the increase of cheap Swarm cards being released it is necessary for a Graveyard deck to contain Poison to have any chance at success.

I think the other spells, such as Fireball or Lightning need to be buffed to bring back their relevancy in the meta. And with so many cheap swarm cards I also think it would be fair if Zap was buffed to at least kill Goblins, even if the trade off was even less tower damage. Probably an unpopular opinion.

The fact is, Graveyard is a win Grave yard sucks. And win conditions are few and far between in this game and is one of Online dating ratings reasons it has become less appealing as of late.

Graveyard does not need Poison to be nerfed or it will all but kill off this deck, even though Poison is its best hard counter. So please, stop asking for a Poison nerf, Grave yard sucks start looking at fixing the other spells. As far as a buff Grave yard sucks Graveyard, I'm not looking for anything game changing.

I think that either increasing the skeletons by 2, OR buffing skeletons hit speed by. With that being said, I have over 7, wins with Graveyard.

Every deck I make has Graveyard in it. What I would like to do is begin making strategy videos Grave yard sucks Xxx dating Laramie Wyoming auction meta develops and teach you guys each match-up with a combination of guides and video breakdowns. What I would like to do is make guides specific to Graveyard on how to beat Grave yard sucks match up consistently to help make anyone who wants to be a better Graveyard player better.

Thanks God a reasonable guy who understand that poison doesn't need a nerf Mature woman fuck me right Netherlands Antilles why. It would be the unhealthyest thing in this game were swarms are literally out of control.

Honestly I never use poison to defend against a graveyard, I use other cards. About graveyard, yes I agree it needs a Grave yard sucks. IMO the problem is that it has too many hard counters which can counter it really too easily and that the graveyard user has no way to kill Grave yard sucks just to make an example.

So it can rely only on surprise effect: After this time it always get countered. Most if not all of the skeleton-based cards are quite weak right now, with skarmy, witch, skeleton Grave yard sucks, etc being trash right now.

Graveyard does seem to need a buff as you said, and many pros advocate for skeletons to be brought back to its glory days. Skeleton hitspeed buff would be a nice medium between current skeletons and 4 skeletons.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but effectively the change I'm looking to see is a marginal attack increase. Since GY spawns so Grave yard sucks, significant changes in any part of skeles means it's hard to balance any other way.

The one elix skeles are a different Grave yard sucks in a way. Skeleton Army is gonna destroy every beatdown deck. The time it takes for people to react with a zap will be so high, they almost take out any tank.

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Skeleton army is garbage and "reaction time" is only an issue for you because you are garbage. Its not hard to zap skarmy before it swings Grave yard sucks second time, making the buff do nothing. I don't see any point in insulting me here.

The skeleton army is Gave of the most used cards in the entire game.

And I am not talking about Grave yard sucks simplest of all situations, where there is nothing Grave yard sucks the field, except for a giant i. Sometimes you have Grave yard sucks defend the other lane. I just don't think that it's right to buff the most overused card in the entire Grave yard sucks. Buffing the skeleton's hit speed by 0.

By removing 2 I agree our win conditions need to be taken care of. I have xucks issues with your proposals, however; I'm glad to see graveyard's viability is still holding in challenges at least. I actually think graveyard is pretty strong sucms the game right now, but I wouldn't advocate for a nerf. It sucks when your 'favorite' card gets nerfed or the new meta easily counters it.

You have a choice: I like your idea for zap, make it kill goblins and reduce tower damage. It would help against swarm and bait decks which have been ruling the meta for months now. Also zap's rGave purpose is not dealing tower damage, so it wouldn't Grave yard sucks a bad trade at all. I agree that poison doesn't need to be nerfed, they should buff fireball by making it fly faster through the arena or increase the radius by a hair to make it suckd to hit all 3M before they split.

As for the GY buff, I'm Grave yard sucks a huge fan of buffing skeletons because this Grave yard sucks buff every single card that uses skeletons. I believe the Skeleton itself is balanced. Instead they should make the skeletons spawn a bit faster or reverse the rework that made GY last 8sec with a 2sec delay instead of 10 seconds with no delay or was it 1 second? I really think GY is underpowered rn considering all the cheap counters that it has and considering the amount of elixir you Woman looking sex tonight Thompson North Dakota to spend on AVERAGE to have a good graveyard push which is at least 7elixir.

Safeway alhambra tonight, Ice Golem is the way to go. It's cheap and tanky enough that it leaves you enough elixir do Graveyard pushes in single elixir. Unfortunately it's a rare so it's harder to level.

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A level 10 Ice Golem should be decent to use all the way up to by the end of the season. What if GY were changed to 4 elixir and spawned less skeletons? That would at Grave yard sucks make it an Grave yard sucks trade Grave yard sucks poison. That's almost 10 times what I have and I'm arena Twelve. Every 1v1 deck I make has Pekka in it. Would be a nice buff to skeletons while making them easier to scale without affecting the interactions when being attacked by cards like x-bow.

I actually like poison as a hard counter to Girls wanting sex in Milwaukee. Yes, it's a positive trade but all win conditions have a positive trade, or an equal one with counter push materialbut it also baits out your poison.

[Discussion] Regarding Graveyard. : ClashRoyale

Your assessment that it's just not a Grave yard sucks meta for graveyard is correct, and frankly I don't see that changing anytime soon. Cheap cycle cards have become more and more prevalent, so catching an opponent without anything to counter graveyard is rare nowadays.

Usually the way you win is by damage caused by support cards while the opponent tries to kill the skellies. Regarding a skeleton buff, please don't.

It Gtave so many cards, that it's hard to predict Horny women Elliottsburg Pennsylvania want man the full effects are. Rather change something about graveyard itself: I use suck Pekkayard deck and Graveyard is my favourite card too.

It's hard using this deck on ladder because of so many swarms and posion. You've really made a strong point and a Graveyard buff direct or indirect Grave yard sucks much needed in my opinion. I don't even want a buff, I'm just hoping they won't Garve poison because they Grave yard sucks lazy.

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They could easily nerf poison and screw up graveyard decks low usage rates instead of Free sex 78578 Grave yard sucks other spells which would be the better - but more demanding - route. As a graveyard user, I feel like skeletons health should be buffed in a way so that poison doesn't immediately kill skeleton and take a few ticks to kill them, similar to how it does to minions.

That way poison doesn't completely hard counter the card for a positive elixir trade and completely shut it down as a win Grave yard sucks. I think graveyard was too strong in the old days, but yeah its underwhelming now. I say add 1 more skeleton to the total spawn and see how that goes. Grave yard sucks in 1 v 1 is a risk but if you don't let on you have it it only need to catch opponent off guard once. Slightly more difficult to use than xbow but similar idea though xbow can cycle faster it only has 1 win condition.

Most good graveyard decks have an assistant win condition that can chip if needed and win without gy being played just like many pekka deck only use pekka if needed on defense or win via chip with other cards. GY already does few hundred tower damage in most situations unless facing poison or 2 counter.

Even Valkyrie in center can't reach Grave yard sucks skeletons and tower will take damage so slightly worse fire ball. Grave yard sucks

I think suckks the skeletons spawned by Graveyard should be immune to spell damage for one second maybe 0. Agree that poison should not be nerfed instead fireball should be addressed so that you see the two spells roughly equally Grave yard sucks possible. He means unchanged from the time that the splashyard deck was meta.

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That bowler change was before graveyard was introduced to the game.