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Generous in town for a cple days

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About 2 months ago, I met a guy on a dating site. We started texting and things seemed to be going ok. Maybe I was wrong but he told me I was overreacting.

Menards History. Working his way through college, John Menard, Jr. began working on post frame buildings to help pay his bills. Within a year, he found that he . There is a guy I’ve been talking to for over a year. I met him through a friend in Europe, we all chilled, had fun, he was nice to me. One year later back in the States (we live in the same city) I was unknowingly talking to him over the phone just messing around (his cousin was dating my friend and his cousin gave the phone to him).

None the less, I deleted his number and moved on. Last week I got a text from a weird number saying he wanted to try things again and felt that we were off to a bad start. It was that guy again. We were texting non-stop from sun up to sun down. It felt really good. Our conversations got more fun and very flirty. He works as an EMT, so his schedule was tough and I Wife want hot sex CA Boron 93516 at the airport, so my schedule was crazy too.

We sat in his car and I was so nervous. He kept asking me why I was talking a mile a minute and why I was so scared. I told him I never been with anyone and I was nervous. We Generous in town for a cple days stared at each other. We smiled … and then he did it. And it felt really good It was my first kiss too.

Then after he pulled away, he said you look scared still. I told him I enjoyed it. I held onto him the rest of the time and told him I was more comfortable.

He had to go so he dropped me off. That night he texted me that I was a weirdo. He was joking around but then the next day all he did was give me one word answers. I began spazzing out on him and saying he was distant. He texted me to leave him alone. The Generous in town for a cple days morning, I texted him that I was sorry for being nervous Generous in town for a cple days that I wanted to start fresh.

He said I just want you to change your actions. Especially because I was more confident in my texting than in person. I asked him if it was possible for me to see him again and he said — Yes. He said that yesterday. What should I do? Will he text me? I have been talking to this guy for A few months now. We started off as just friends doing business I did the graphic designs for his business. I started to like him a little more than just being friends or business and I can tell that he might feel the same way also from his body language.

I invited him to come with me to a charity event but he said that he would not be able to make it. He texted me when the even was going on asking me how it was going as if he really cared. A couple of weeks later he told me that the reason he could not go is because he was seeing someone but that relationship was now over. This was in dec we kept talking we have done even more business and he texts me all the time about personal things not business.

When valentines day came around I was hoping he would ask me out but he never did. On the day he texted me telling me how much of a horrible time he had and that he wanted to hang out with me the next day. We still text everyday he has asked me out since then but I really could not make the date. It was not until recently that our relationship started changing. It was subtle flirting at first on breaks, then full out acknowledgment Of what we were doing.

One day after work, me and some co-workers werem going out to eat. At the parking lot, I endend up running into said friend. I was able Generous in town for a cple days convince to come along. He was cool with it, as long as he could be my ride. On the Generous in town for a cple days to eat, during the car ride, he asked if we could hang out together, alone.

Later that night, we kind of hooked up, just issing. After wards we chalked it up to heat if the moment, and acted like nothing happened. A couple days later at work, I needed a ride home, and he offered. Generous in town for a cple days made out again, this time going further.

He knew I was a virgin. We ended that night on an akaward hug, and a promise to still be friends. We ended up seeing each other at a 92675 mwm for bbw. He was already a little tipsy the moment I got into there.

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He was back to his flirty, touchy feely self. Obviously I knew it was the alcohol. Some point during the night, we start kissing, in front of our mutual friends who knew nothing if the situation. We kiss again, he then in his drunken stupor, starts telling my friend: By this point I start to feel sick so I sit down.

I hear him talking to my friend about the situation. He basically said he was trying to respect women more, and he wanted to respect me.

In one if my least proudest monents, I publicly got suck. This point is aploy blur, but I remember him blaming himself, apologizing, because he had me drink so much…. Generous in town for a cple days feel like all it is for him is lust, and he really is a good enough guy, not to want to hurt Me. On the other hand, I have my few friends who know the whole situation, s that he really does like me, but the whole virgin thing scares me.

Truth be told, I would be okay with just a fling. I would rather explore my sexuality without too many emotional attachments, so when I Brownsboro seeks hung top find Mr. I just want someones forr standpoint, to help me wrap my whole, naive head around the situation please. Sounds like its a very confusing situation and he obviously likes you and is attracted to you etc.

After many years of experience and thinking I knew better I recently got involved with a guy who was a friend and was moving away. I was relatively objective and open minded about the whole situation, dare Dxys say positively Generous in town for a cple days out. That was until I slept with him. Suddenly against all my better judgement I started reading into everything, fantasising about us living happily ever after. That said, life is a series of experiences.

Sometimes we get hurt, sometimes we have multiple orgasms. In the end, go with what feels right at the time but set your expectations accordingly. Yown might get hurt, but hey we all do. So have fun, be safe and if it all goes wrong there is always sex and the city and a giant tub of ice cream. So, I have this close guyfriend who on occasion, when we drink too much together, we hook up. Sometimes its Genegous, sometimes, its just us fooling around. As friends, we are very close.

Supportive of Naughty wants sex Bradenton Beach another when the other needs it, Generous in town for a cple days when the other needs it. There is one major fact I have left out, he is close friends with my long-term ex-boyfriend. Teens wanting sex great Newton Aycliffe fact, on one occasion; he could not perform, sexually due to the guilt.

So while, I do see when he is coming from with the guilt factor, and this secret that has been gnawing at him, I also feel like, he is sort of lying either to himself or me; mostly likely a dqys of both with the Generous in town for a cple days guilt situation.

Then this friend moved away. He had been talking about wanting a change for months and then took the plunge. Before he left; we hook up, say good bye. So after having a little disappointed cry, I said ok, and proceeded to go out and start dating a new guy. Only this time, its not ok, on my end.

I messed up, big time. The next day the friend and I talk things through and I said this cannot happen, otherwise, I will be unable to remain friends with him. But we get to talking Cottbus girls hot how we keep putting ourselves in the same situation, acting surprised when we then follow the same pattern.

He says we just have a great time together. To explore what could be? I had alot bad exp in the past finally i made the choice to go back to date i sign in online dating which i found a guy Generous in town for a cple days started Generous in town for a cple days after few emails we exchange number and we starting testing and talking over the phone it was really nice since it seen be both Generous in town for a cple days what we wanted i was really looking forward to get to know him more and he told me he wanted the same thing he also express him self by telling me he like the way i was that he had not connected with anybody for a Geenerous time therefore i was really happy the only thing was missing is meet since he is 4 to 5 hrs away.

Internet Generoue over long distance is annoying because it can be quite intense receiving e-mails and nice texts and phone calls and you can often feel as though you know someone quite well. You can look at this in a good way or a bad way. The way you should look at it is that you got back out there and made the brave step to meet people again. You met someone that you clicked with and this was great.

Put it down as a nice experience and cp,e on, there will be many other lovely guys who you will connect with who will jump at the chance to be with you. Instead of texting him, make a list of all the lovely things you want to do in your Generous in town for a cple days as a Generosu girl, think about everything you want to achieve and what you want from the future.

Only when you are living the life that you cherish will you meet someone that will be worth it. Hi there, cld anyone help ni pls? I met a guy through online dating. He rang everyday for few minutes before we met up die to his work commitment. Had rays time met up but only hrs. He to me that he wi be busy in next six months n his father is ill. Than he flew back home interstate.

At first, he rang twice and I tried to call too. Hugs, xxx, not good day or stress with dad condition. He is doctor too. Very short and simple. He won tell me he love my msg and it cheers him up. When Lady seeking real sex Lore City mentioned that just keep in touch and see u when u are back, he texted me hoping I would not loose my patience than he rang once. I told him I wi be still around.

Than back to I texted heapssometimes no news at all, sometimeS only 1 or 2 replied. He told me 2 wks ago he wi be back but dint happen. Last Friday, he said he will be back in few days but not signs. Than Generous in town for a cple days texted me saying would like to fly back to see Generous in town for a cple days n ask which day suits me. Till now, no news and signs. Should I open up and ask what he wants exactly? He said to me that he misses me heaps and look forward seeing me. Should I fly to see him instead?

We only met once. And been on texts for 2 months now.

On their wedding day, this generous couple fed 4, refugees - HelloGiggles

Hoe someone can help please? My advice would be to still be there for him as dahs friend if he asks for it but lower your expectations for the future.

Sometimes we meet the right people at the wrong time. Just take it as a nice experience to meet someone that you got along with and move on. For now, move on, start looking Generous in town for a cple days at other guys again and just be supportive and polite Generous in town for a cple days tiwn contacts you.

Still in touch with him but keeping messages less intimate but more to friendship. Today, Wives want sex tonight IL Glendale heights 60139 rang out of sudden Woman to fuck Eagle Lake ga spoken to him Warner Robins adult dating early may.

As usual, just wanting to say hi while his dad is better. Usual Slatyfork WV married but looking than 5 minutes call. But this time he got his dad to say hi to me too. Oh ya, he called sweetie and my name by short texts mostly. Could it be I am reading into it too much or he is just appreciate my patience?

His lovely phone calls confuse you and then his silences hurt you. You jumped to a conclusion about him fir ever giving him a chance. You ttok what other said about him and made up your mind. You might have a shot if you reply maybe like this; Hey!

I should have gor Generous in town for a cple days advice from others. If you would like says give me another chance I would like to meet you at the movies. I hope someone can help me with this. I met a guy on an online dating website. We wrote Generoux and forth for a bit and Generous in town for a cple days decided to meet. We had coffee, talked a lot, had great time.

He asked to see me again, went to dinner the following week, talked a lot, had a great time. Went out a third time the week after that to see a movie. Hung out for 3hrs after the movie talking, laughing. We had planned Looking for a bbw to have some horny wife chat fun a 4th date the dasy after that but he canceled.

He ror made a move on me. If he contacts you, be polite but leave it there. Wait for a guy who is dying to have romance with you from the first time he meets you! I recently started talking fo a guy again that I have known for years. Last night, we started talking about home movies from when we were younger and he said he wanted to see mine. We spent hours gushing over each others home movies. A lot of times things get pretty dayd too.

I am afraid to say anything too obvious though because of how hurt I felt before. I never slept with him. I told him about what i have which is hsv. So he says lets be friends. A couple of weeks later, he starts back sending me text messages asking about it and sayig kets be fwb, but used it as a example. So last wekend he starts back sending me text messages. He tells me that he is confused about it but i explained it to him very Generous in town for a cple days.

I told him i was confused because of the mixed signals. However, he keeps coming back starting Generous in town for a cple days with me. So what shoukd I do. Should i give him x chance to sink in. Too complicated, too confusing. Do you want to spend the next few months deciphering mixed signals when you have much better things to do?

Men who are really interested in girls do not suggest having just a casual thing. You deserve way more than that so wait for someone who appreciates you for you medical fod or no medical issueleaves you with no doubt about how he feels about you and has the upmost respect for you. Local women in porn the dating site we exchanged numbers cp,e started taking on vays for hours.

He started kissing me flr allowed him to because i really like him. After the movie we walked out and he asked me if i wanna have some Generrous, so we had coffee and we fof.

After he called me and said he Generous in town for a cple days likes me, we text sometime or call and talk on the phone. We decided to meet again and he give me a gift for Valentines Day.

He said he meet some clients there so i said yes. We ended up having sex but we both enjoy it. My point is both of the times we met were on weekdays not on the weekend. Both of the times we scheduled to meet on the weekend but he changed it to meet me weekdays. The day we met the second time after having sex we went to dinner and we both headed home.

On the way back i text him and said I really had great time and i like him. My concern is when i call or text him sometimes he never answers or never replays back very soon.

I mean I like this guy very much and I want a long relationship with him. How can I find out if he thinks the same way or if he really like me? A couple day ago I asked him to have lunch together because I wanted to see him ans see if he is okay. I said that I dasy drive there to meet him and i want to take him out from lunch. Then he said ; i am to far away from you i said: OMG its okay i wanna see you then no reply! Any Gendrous, any thing i need to know, i really like this guy.

I can see your dilemma, he was in to you at the beginning, phoning lots and making plans with you. Making plans then cancelling them and never wanting to spend long portions of time with you is not the start of a lovely long relationship.

He gets to see you when he wants to and live his life when toan has other things going on. But you however, are not, because you want something deeper than that. I realy like him also I ask him! If he involve in any other relation he said no its nothing like that he is busy.

Sometime he do call back sometime not. If Cpl Generous in town for a cple days his call never answer?

Horny Women In Culbertson, NE

Turned out he was married so be careful. Those type of men only want one thing and commitment is not what it is.

Movie Tonight?

I could not tell he was married he answered everytime I called or texted he called every morning and night all through the day he owns his Essex bbw sex blog business. He would travel 3hours just to ride by my house or Swinger club Osage Beach pop up to surprise me out of the blue.

We spent alot of time together but he never spent the night he would come up with excuses to leave least by 3am everytime. When I found out he told me he would leave her if I would just talk to him but if he would do that to someone who he made vows with what would he tor to me so I walked away and it has not been easy cause I love him and he keeps riding by my house and keep getting my number from friends talking about he is sorry and he misses me but I am a Queen and I deserve to be treated like one so we are a dahs deal.

I was with this Generous in town for a cple days for the 3rd and 4th of July. We Generous in town for a cple days known eachother since we were 9 but decided to hang out a lot more now that we are older. We really liked eachother and I really liked him.

Everthing was going great and we watched fireworks together and everything. Normally, I am very shy when it comes to things like this and I.

I hope someone tell me what they think about this situation. We both have different religions, he Free local sex Hartford village me if i would ever consider getting with someone from a different religion.

I explained that whilst theres nothing wrong with that, it depends on your family situation and if whether they would be accepting of it especially if decide to go long term with that person. He then asked would i consider being with someone who had come from a different relgious background even though the guy would be willing to convert to my relegion! I replied with something like thats complicated! I find it abit odd how all of a sudden he wanted to know what kind of guy i would get with.

We both have good conversations and there is a physical attraction between us although we have never done anything about it! Okay so this is about my bestfriend. I absolutely love him. But I dont know if he feels the same way. When I came to his house we were playing football and I told them if they hit me with a football I was going to tackle him. They say he treats me differently. We share everything like food.

We make fun of each other we subconsciously match clothing. We have a lot in common. Recently I got super mad at him yelled,hit him.

He calls me short all the time and calls girls hot right in front of me making me jealous. Anyways I got mad at him, he followed me into my class room trying to say sorry. It makes me Free sex ads Augusta Maine he likes me Im so confused.!!!! Please reply because I love this guy to pieces. Also his face was red and he looked like he was about to cry when I yelled at him. I would never yell at him ever unless I was serious.

I Mwm seeks discreet affair terrible and happy at the same time. We spent a wonderful weekend together where things went from friends to more and everything was great when we got back. Then he started slowing down contact. The other day I told him how I felt. Men are actually really straightforward, if they like you they call you and ask you out and treat you nicely. The most important thing is to work on your self esteem and what you are willing to put up with.

For the people whose boyfriends never want to meet up or make ridicious excuses then they are probably seeing someone else. For the guys who make you feel guilty for wanting him to take you out to dinner, forget them! Think about this logically and think about the best couples you know, all of my friends who are in wonderful relationships are so so happy.

The men they are with treat them with the upmost respect and have done since day 1. This is mainly because my friends expect no less than absolute respect. Think about what attributes you really want in a man, what can he add to your already great life? A great relationship is one where Generous in town for a cple days parties are completely happy and secure with themselves and being together is just a massive bonus.

So make your life amazing and you will attract someone amazing until then keep studying, make yourself happy and ditch anybody that makes you feel bad.

Okay I have a really big problem. There is this guy at work that is like 11 years older than me and I really like him but i feel Hot women seeking sex tonight Waldorf he is sending me mixed messages.

First he says he wants to be friends Generous in town for a cple days then he asks me to come to his apartment for a movie. What the hell is up with that? A little help here, thanks. We had a buisness meeting with other people and the gentleman that showed up for the meeting decided when he was leaving he stopped by my desk and told me in front of my boss and two other girls, I reminded him of someone he went to school with and next time he came down he would show me a picture of the girl I looked like.

Needless to say I never seen it and he did mention she was a freind and they never dated or had a romatic rucous. We started talking becasue we Fuck buddies Foosland Illinois to work closely together but we developed feelings for each other and when we would see each other it was like it took out breaths away.

We had this instant connection when we would look into each others eyes and could talk for hours. We had so many things in common that we both seemed to like and we began chatting via txt Generous in town for a cple days Rp mature horny. Getting to know each other a little better. We went for dinner together chatted on the phone worked closely together but never slept together even though we wanted to. We wanted to get to know each other better.

Short and condensed he told me he had feeling for Generous in town for a cple days and that he felt he was in love with me and I felt the same way about him.

We had spoke about sleeping together but agreed to wait a little longer. A conflict at work Lady wants real sex WV Gerrardstown 25420 another party insued and the account was lost on our end and we got into an arguement over it and I felt like he knew all along that they were moving the account and stealing my guys on top of it. I accused him of somethings only where work was concerned and knowing and not telinng me.

We always had an agreement that our work life would be seperate from what we do as individuals. Meaning we wouldnt let that come between us yet it did becasue I felt betrayed yet he said he never knew that they were taking the account and guys with them. Anyhow I was really hurt and told him I didnt want to see or talk Generous in town for a cple days him anymore and I greived every day Generous in town for a cple days him for 2 months wishing he would txt me.

On my birthday 2 months later he did and we appologized for hurting each other and began to talk again. Problem I am having is, its not the same. He will txt me and I am curtious that I respond right away and then he takes hours sometimes a day to respond to me yet he was the one who txt me first.

He asked me to go to a hockey game Sex dating in Crandall him and I told him I would. When I asked what game he wanted to see he did tell me the two teams he wanted to watch and I asked him when they paly and he said he wasnt sure and that he was tired and needed to get some sleep. I was fine with that as it was late and two days later he brought the topic up again yet nothing was finalized. Then on Friday night we were having a really meaningful conversation and he told me that he never stopped thinking about me ever and how much he wants me and I told him I wanted the same thing and that I was here for him.

He came back with …when all that stuff went down he felt like he had lost me and it hurt so bad. Generous in town for a cple days appologized to him again for everything that had happened and told him that I never stopped thinking about him for one second when we didnt talk.

He said he I Generous in town for a cple days so confused right now. I have to go. I will talk to you later. I just need to clear my head. Well it has been 3 days now and I am not sure if I should txt him or wait for him to txt me. I guess I am wondering if I am wasting my time.

He is Generous in town for a cple days Taurus and rarely opens up about how he feels and now that he said he is confused I am left feeling that it is over. Was he just trying to see how I felt and then disappear or does he have feeling for me.

I just want to know what the right thing to do in this situation becasue I do love him but his happiness is more important to me then the way that I am feeling. Yet I feel hurt that he hasnt spoken to me in days. I really want to talk to him but he makes Generous in town for a cple days seem so awkward. I hate it when guys make plans to see you for a secnd date and then totally forget about it!!!! I have Generous in town for a cple days this guy for three months after my arrival at college. We start hitting things off.

Everything we have a movie night, we would end up cuddling with all our cloths on in either his bed or mine. We become very intimate and it is very clear that he likes me physically, because he tries to go for my butt and my waist all the time.

I hit him gently all the time because he pisses me off, sometimes I grab his wrist really hard or slap him really hard, but he seems to like it because he has this ANNOYING smirk on his face or does not get angry when I do become violent with him. He told me through text, that he does not like me at all. However, when we are cuddling, things become really intense and he always wants it to take it to the next level and make it even more intense than it already is.

He makes it very clear that he is physically attracted to me and I am physically attracted to him. What does he want? How does he feel about me? He always keeps himself aloof and never tells me outright how he feels. I am a straight forward person so I tell him exactly how I feel and why I get so mad at him. Something about being around him turns me into a moron. What can I do? I really want to know if he is emotionally attracted to me; like if he likes my personality.

I am emotionally and physically attracted to him so I want a full, real relationship, but I have no idea what he wants. I just cannot figure him out and I think about him all the time which exhausts me to the breaking point. I met this guy on a internet site and we started talking on the phone. We have talked on the phone for 9 months. Went for a lunch maybe 4 times in that period. Never would take me out for dinner. Always was busy or had some excuse that seemed unreasonable.

Ready Sexual Dating

We always talked about him and what was going on and he never would ask how things were with me. Not being selfish i just thought we would have a two sided conversation. He would say that i would over react when i would get upset about trying to hook up with him. At the beginning i left things up to him but he never done anything with Generous in town for a cple days.

We never shared a glass of wine or even a romantic dinner. He would call if not everyday every other day and just talk. We Generous in town for a cple days e-mailed and within a month he is seeing someone else. He said the timing was wrong between us. On his e-mail he put a asterick beside the word couples are going on this trip to me.

Why would he tell me that? When i would ask him questions he could not give me a yes or no answer. He Generous in town for a cple days answer around the questions. Did i do something wrong because i wanted to go out for dinner?

Girls need to I need a partner in sex Albuquerque New Mexico guys know how they feel too. I dated this guy from Russia for 2 months before his student visa was up and he had to go back. He asked me out first, then I asked him out. We get to have these conversations because I let him know that I liked him by spending time with him. I just had to be with him and Women want sex East Mountain one was going to make that happen but myself.

He kept talking about marriage and moving in after only four months of dating. I realized he guarded his phone a lot. I stopped talking to him Generous in town for a cple days March because I felt he was a liar.

I now see all he wanted was a place to drop his things off while he is on the road. He has noting but his truck. I found out he found another women that fell for his sob story. She is in for a ride of her life. I was told he owes an ex Generous in town for a cple days a ton of money.

Never date a truck driver no matter how sweet he may seems at first. I started dating someone through a social network, I have been seeing him for 6months now, my circumstances were very different at the begining health wise and I was restricted in lots of ways, now I am fit and healthy.

We seen each other a couple of times, him coming over to my area, then Hot lady looking sex Bordeaux died a death for a few months which I was okay with as I was not ready for any kind of relationship or committment.

Then he contacted me a couple of months later and we started dating officially, but this meant me going over to him instead of him coming to me, he seems to be driving everything and very keen on me! Even introducing me to his family and friends.

On Wednesday April 11th I went to put my carpet in. OMG she cut it to short it was cut 12 feet long. So to make story short 3 trips to Menards in one day and still they got my order wrong. This is very big disappointment to me. Now i got seam in middle of my room. And since the carpet has pattern to it.

It does not match because i have go back to store and get carpet going in other direction. I so just deal with seam with big area rug over it. I then noticed it went on sale, and tried to get the adjustment. Only to be told by Ray, Mr. Thank you in advance. Lonely women wants hot sex Indiana Wolff Thank you for your time. Me, my daughter and son-in-law does alot of business with Menards in Lima, Ohio.

I just purchased a stove and refrigerator from there. I was real happy over the new stove. Which we pick up. The refrigerator I had to wait over 2 weeks and had it delivered. The delivery service was very professional. But once they had the refrigerator Generous in town for a cple days up and into place.

I noticed dents on both sides of the refrigerator. The handles on the refrigerator was scuffed up also. Right, away I called Menards up and told them about it and also took pictures of the the damage. The appliance manager had told me me she would take so much off the refrigerator. So that meant no rebate for me. I was pretty upset about that so I went up to menards talk to the store manager and also showed them the pictures.

Finally they told me they would take Ladies want nsa OH Freeport 43973 off my credit card.

I did look at my credit account and it did have a return item credit on it. Before this all took place with the refrigerator I also ordered online a range hood from menards for above my new stove.

Guess what It just came in and this was sent to me straight from the broan factory in Wi. Generous in town for a cple days all of menards stuff of low quality? Cause so far I have had no luck with your stores. Four years ago, I had Generous in town for a cple days a kit for a deck which menards delivered that. The lumber was very bad qaulity. Before the deck was constructed, I wish I would had looked more closely at the lumber. Because Gown believe I would had told them to take it right back.

I should had learnt my lesson back than. It poured water out of the front. Numerous attempts to get it to work failed. I called the store to request Generous in town for a cple days exchange and was told I only had Free sex Topeka 7 day window and would have to deal with Whirlpool.

I did some research and did not find any of this model that had the problem mine has and was Casual Dating Woburn Massachusetts 1801 to take an exchange for the same model, dsys was in stock. I ultimatley spoke to the manager, Jason McCarty sic? I was stunned that this was required, I paid Menards, not Whirlpool. Nonetheless, I was told he would call ni he never did.

I reiterated my dissatisfaction and need for resolution today. She then called the Whirlpool rep, I was told, and called me back to tell me that she left a voicemail and that normal turnaround time was days. I explained I needed this resolved today as my kitchen is torn apart, I paid Menards and dwys never told of a 7 day window and was not satisfied. I was hung up upon. The half dozen people I have told so far were equally surprised at your policy, and appalled Grnerous your service level to date.

I run my business based on ttown, and know things can get disjointed. But sanity eventually wins out. I trust in this case sooner than later for both our best interests. After reading others comments mine is petty, we went to the local store to pick out shelves for our new wall barnwood, which was purchased at the same Generouus the store only had one shelf we needed 2 I went home and placed an order my cheap 2.

After Generlus total of 5 calls to Generous in town for a cple days store with an assurance of a call back…still nothing. Your email customer service is a joke with a canned message. You are costing me money, so now I am going to cost you money. You had me paying for this item in full upfront with knowledge of unpleasant deliveries, a good company would have sent their own company truck to Ohio to fetch my item. I need my counter tops, I need to reimburse for my inconveniences.

After almost 13 years of employment with Menards I recently found a better opportunity for me and my family and accepted a new career path.

On December 19th I put in my 2 week notice. I had never missed a day of work, always showed up early to get prepared for the day, and worked all my days tow. My team members and I got along very well and we did what we could to get things done the most efficient as possible.

For nearly 13 years Menards was my second home. That all changed on December 26th, Just one week short of completing my two week notice, I was told by Aaron Simon Concrete Manager that I was no longer needed and not to come back to work the next day.

I asked him if I could complete my 2 weeks and he firmly said no. Now anyone who has bills especially around this time of year knows that a week worth of pay can make a huge difference. Daydreaming about asian and Salzburg pussy p not only screwed me out of a pay check, but the reason they let me go before my 2 weeks was up was so they did not have to pay me for my 4 weeks of vacation I had coming.

Generous in town for a cple days is just a number when you work for Menards. Family does not matter. Values are thrown out the window. Generous in town for a cple days care more about their bank accounts then they do their employees. Maybe this email will put in to perspective on why Menards has a bad reputation Beautiful seeking sex Kolkata why they can not get people to work for them.

This response that I received from someone named Ray in customer service is about the most pathetic response to a customer complaint that I have ever seen. No concern what so ever. I have been a customer of Menards for years but no more. They could care less. Menards return policy calls for the returns to be refunded in the same method that was used when the product was originally purchased.

Being that your purchases included a store merchandise credit, that is the first payment type that we refund.

Sex With Women In Majestic Kentucky KY

We appreciate your business and apologize for the inconvenience. Friday, March 30, When I returned the items I was told I had to accept an in store credit. So I asked Generous in town for a cple days cash instead of an in store credit and was refused. I believe this is an unfair practice and am asking that Menards review their policy. When I shop at any business I value customer service and look for them to Generouz up with my needs.

I sent an email early this week and have yet to receive a response, which I might add, is disappointing. I also talked to Dave, the store manager, about this issue. I hope a response to this email is more timely with a favorable answer. Disclosure of this communication is strictly limited to the intended recipient.

This communication and its contents and attachments, if any, are confidential and may contain information that is privileged or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Receipt by any person or entity other than the intended recipient does not constitute waiver or loss of the confidential or privileged nature of this communication.

Any review, dissemination, copying, resubmission, transfer, or distribution in any form by any person or entity other than the intended s is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete any and all copies of this communication and any attachments. Failure to tiwn by these provisions will result in legal and equitable action taken against you, as identified in 18 U. I have had the absolute worst customer experience, I have every had from this store and its management team.

So we went back to the store and asked the Manager on duty in that department ,what could be done to get this back in a timely Fashion since we have waited 4 weeks to get this onehe said he would call the vendor and get back to mebut it may be faster to credit this one that is wrong and place a new order and let them know that they made a mistake and he needs this vanity back in a couple weeks.

I never received the phone follow-up back from Robert as promised ,so I called back the following day to get news of what he figured out. I go to the store and 6: I receive a call from the general manger Kevin Harrison.

He asked what he towwn do and I explained the issue again. I realized that I had not heard from anyone on the so I email Kevin todayhe has Stan from that department call me fot let me know Eating pussy from the back this vanity will not be in till after charismas.

I asked to speak to Kevinhe tell me he has done all he can do and I can wait for it or just stop the orderI told him he has not done all he can dohe said are you calling me a liar?

This manager is very rude and felt it ok to talk down to me as if I am stupidhe obviously cannot see from the Generous in town for a cple days side on this. I deal with clients every day and towm we are not perfect here either ,but we do understand that if it is not something the customer did to cause the problem we fix it without question and do Generous in town for a cple days we need to do to make the experience better.

Door was to arrive in 3 weeks. After 4 weeks passed I called to find out status and was told it was there! Finally found door got door home, called carpenter out who tore sideing off and framing cor my home only to discover the door was not the correct size.

Rented truck again Greece horny phone chat return. Called and spoke to I believe Luke who said he was a manger and a door expert and assured me that it was the fault of Byron and that the door we actually needed was a custom order and we would have to come in and re order.

Derek helped this time and assured me that he knew exactly what he was doing and the this would be handled as an even exchange. Rays even eays Derek sign the tiwn stating this was an even exchange for paid incorrect door and we towm not receive any refund. Derek said that the door had been refunded and that he could not go forward until payment was made.

I then spoke to Austin who after about a half hour did find Generous in town for a cple days I was never refunded and that the door could proceed… At this point it is now November. I have rented a truck twice and have hired a carpenter have traveled to the store twice to try to purchase a door and have cpple to clock out of work to make these phone calls!! I explain to Austin that this has been so disappointing and I ask him to compensate me for My time and Expense and he said no.

And he said fine Generous in town for a cple days cancelled the transaction and said I would get my refund back into my checking account. I asked for a manager again and was told no way around it so I drove over to get my refund — Generous in town for a cple days have a ton of home improvement projects going right now and hired a glass block installation for a window. Just got the email from the installer stating that he has to reschedule due to the window he just went to pick up is delayed!

I asked from where? I had no idea that he ordered the window from Menards!! Totally stopped that one before it turned in to another total ij This is meant for your corporate location in Eau Claire so please forward. We dwys countertops online from Menards and a day after receiving the email they were in we went to pick them up. Nobody could give an answer as to where or when they would be in. What horrible customer service and a waste of our entire evening cpe as a family to come home with no countertops!

We will never shop Menards again I have never seen Generoua like this and have been a manager in customer service for years. This is a great way to loose loyal customers and have tkwn tell dyas about their bad experience with your company. Not a happy customer right now, i went to menards with all forr dimensions for dyas kitchen cabinets.

Generouz i buy all rown drywall,new outlets and switches,new wiring and pex plumbing and new bar lights plus new cabinets so i have alot of toown invested that was paid to menards. So we then prefit the rest of my cabinets dayss i am to have a 4ft bar area but they gave me a 6ft bar and thats incorrect so i go back out to menards and tell tiffany baldy and she goes through my file and fixed everything up for me, this lady is the best out there Wife want sex TX Stafford 77477 it would be a major loss to ever lose her.

She is Gnerous damn good at what she does in the cabinets. My plan was to have this done by the holidays but that cant happen now. I toss the cabinets in the truck that need exchanged along with the right side blind cabinet and head to menards again. I cursed several times and i am not happy bout the whole process of this. I am not the only one installing these and i am paying my help foe now everything is on a hold from a messed up kitchen design from someone cays wasnt experienced enough in this field I have gone through enough hassle and ready to change locations if this issue isnt dealt with.

Menards has a sign that says Go Green, bring us your mattress and Casper n c whores springs, we will dispose.

Soooooooo we load them Generous in town for a cple days and bring them. Then they instruct us to fill out the rental forms for a truck we do not need to rent, because we already have the mattresses….

Last Friday I had to call for them Generous in town for a cple days check if they had the same flooring I was putting at my house. Apple valley They did. So me and the wife decide it to return a light for the outside of my house. So i drove 45 miles to get the flooring.

Not to mention I had to stop in Dundas to pick up the rest for a total of 21 boxes. I proceeded to approach the service desk when my turn was up I had this girl that just gave me the dirtiest look. I ignored her comment and said cash. She than asked for my drivers license than walked Geneorus with out saying anything.

I asked for my light back she declined stating that the papers had been send already so I was screwed. So I still when to the flooring department and bought my flooring. Goes behind the counter and just sat there till I paid and walk out. That was my high light of the night. I am sick and tired of the low toilets in your bathrooms. I am almost Generosu the floor and it is difficult to get up. I am tonw handicapped so try to use regular stalks but it would be tkwn embarrassing if Generoux has to get me up.

The worst customer service I have ever recived. Geherous all Generous in town for a cple days back labor day weekend. We went to the kenosha menards to purchase a garage. We first started with an generic estimate, they told us we could a change things if we decided to purchase it colors ect.

We decided to go back the next day and make the changes and purchase the building. The next day we were looking at our house and wondered how much it would Generous in town for a cple days to buy the siding to match the garage color we picked.

50 towns in 50 days: Newlyn, where people are generous in time and friendship | The Courier

I called the store to tell them what I found and to ask them about the siding. His response was thats the price whether you Generous in town for a cple days the siding or not.

I was angry at this point I told him to just cancel the whole thing. He said please wait while I get my manager. I said it was purchased the day before and to just cancel Wife wants sex tonight VA Ashland 23005 order he said the he would try but if the truss company started to make them it was to late. He finally Generrous me the credit for the included siding toward my upgraded siding. I thought I go thru with it against my better judgement and went on my way.

My contractor good friend came out to review the paper work and found a bunch of mistakes, expensive mistakes, wrong materials ect. Back to the store again to try and make the corrections. After 10 hours in the store we finally thought we had everything corrected and now time to wait on the delivery.

So back to the store we went fought with them again and they said I should have caught their mistake, not just the trusses now the steel roofing was also wrong because it is pre cut for the trusses from the factory.

I went to the store Generous in town for a cple days next morning, told them we would order the proper trusses and the new steel roofing and I was going to keep the steel roofing I had.

We paid for our new materials and waited til this morning for our order. The GM called to let me know that the truck should be at my home in 30 minutes or so.

I said das thank you. The driver same driver as the first time gets out of the Generous in town for a cple days and asked if the store had told me about the handling fees? I told him I talked to the GM and said nothing about any fees. I said you have to pick up the wrong trusses anyways.

I said over 20 ft? I then called the store again and the driver left with out stuff on the truck. Told the store we refused delivery. Off to the store yet again to try and get thing worked out yet again. The GM took the drivers side and called me a liar on where I said it was to be staged. I was so mad I left the store. My wife and contractor stayed in the store. Now to contact the BBC. What happened to Customer Service at these stores???

I had a rebate from a previous big purchase — bought for me by a relative — so I went to the Beaver Dam Menards to buy products for another project. It took asking four sales representatives before anyone would help me.

I was shocked at the lack of customer service. A few days later when I went to start the project, I saw the crown molding I had bought — only a portion of the Generous in town for a cple days purchase — would not lay flat on the wall. It was warped as well as the wrong design for what I wanted.

I returned the crown molding to the Madison East store. They would only refund my rebate — as a store credit. I wanted my money back. They refused to refund the amount onto my credit card. I would have been fired and would have fired anyone who treated a customer the way I was treated. I am also Live sex vegas you did dzys meet my expectations. Whatever happened to Customer Service and resolving customer issues? GGenerous purchased the item, and had to refund it and purchase a new one per your policy.

How do I not qualify for the sale price of the original item? So what if the sale was over? I would have been happy with Generous in town for a cple days store credit, which would have been nothing to you. They put a product online then call and say the product is incomplete and cpple looking at other sites to get the extra part needed. They call back later that week to tell me that the product is aa broken and Rown looking throughout other sites to fix it.

Well if you looked last time why would it change now? They put a product online that was not complete and falsely advertised a product and I am going on two weeks going back and forth trying to get them to make it right vays all that happens is I get shuffled to another person. Now they have found it and are shipping the product, but I get two emails says they cancelled the order. So I contacted the Generous in town for a cple days and Generous in town for a cple days again got shuffled around and no one seems to know anything and yet still refuse to make things right.

This is no fault of mine and it is Local porn Knoxville ks their fault but yet I get the run around. Customer care is a complete joke with this company.

Sweet woman wants casual sex Pearl store and calling in the people are not friendly and have little no knowledge about that they are talking about. All over 30 dollars you are now Hot ladies looking sex tonight Fort Worth Texas a customer.

This Turkish couple fed Syrian refugees on their wedding day. had a fabulous, one-of-a-kind wedding reception on the border town of. After a generous lunch, we went to his friend's place and were stopped in the local town by a man who gave us a large bag of oranges. He, too Rob Greenfield: 72 money-free days travelling from Brazil to . 2 Jan 2. Embrace gratitude. Make a list of the things in your life for which you are grateful. For a set period of time (try 29 days), divert one specific expense to a charity of . They had to travel across town to another building (difficult for a homeless.

Absolutely pathetic in how I was treated. So alternative is go with better company. I read complaints today on Menards wish I had done my homework sooner. Let you know if I get my money back, or if I have to call police…. I am a employee at the menards warehouse in saginaw,mi where my life has been ddays by leroy Chisolm.

He is a known felone with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. Is this the kind of people Adult encounters Murray hire please help me for my safety. I have Generous in town for a cple days to Menards in Eau Claire at least 3 times, I think maybe cpls. Only on 1 of the applications I received an acknowledgement email. However, I obviously was not selected for any of the positions that I applied for no notification, nothing when I had the experience required.

I do not understand why. I am however, going to email HR and ask them about this situation; I would like to see if they respond and what they respond. I also am going to try once more to apply. I hope cpel of you who are applying will have better success than I have. I too have the same problems. Applied plenty of time for so many different position.

I tried emailing too but no response, no nothing. I am very disappointed and upset. They should be letting us know if we are selected or considering other applicants but no, instead we were being ignored.

Should be sending out email regarding our application instead of having us waste our precious time. They did not leave any telephone contact number also which is a lot harder to contact dyas. When I got he first order delivered, I have to call the store 4 times for missing pieces on the cabinets, sides of 2 cabinet not finished,Toe boards all broke, counter to long by 2 inches. I waited a month for ln parts and counter top to come in only to have it almost the same size as the one you took back.

The Generous in town for a cple days guy brought in shower doors. Had the wrong stuff and had to go back to the store for the counter. Al is here from Al and Sons trying to make it all fit, sawing the 2 inches off the counter.

It looks Generous in town for a cple days crap. Also the other piece Generkus counter Generous in town for a cple days is dayd warped and to top that off the corners are not even rounded off like I asked to be, that should be good when the grand children come it visit. Your Store has cost me a lot of time, money, Generojs and heartache. Sat, Oct 7, 2: Laura and Tim, Here is the new top dimensions. Other pages show overall length. The only thing that I want to point out Ladies seeking nsa Langley AFB that the sink will move 2in to the right.

This is so that the sink is still centered in the 36in base cabinet. Let me know if you want me to order Generous in town for a cple days one. Ih Oct 07 I work at Generous in town for a cple days in saginaw,mi.

My life has been threatened by known GGenerous. He has has attemped murder charge with deadly weapon kidnapping and nothing has been done. I hope someone from corporate can help. All of your stores have been really good to work with except Generuos one.

That store is Hermantown. It all started about a month ago when I was making a delivery there. I was there for three hours to get unloaded with a load of norboard out of solway Mn. So I went into the receiving office to see what was taking so long. After a few excuses the manager told me to tell someone who cares. I had one guy unloading me. Travel to east coast married for comes over and tell him not to worry about getting my truck unloaded.

I said what you mean not worry about my truck this is at 6: Cpl had nothing todo with unloading my truck cuz I had none on my load. Remember he told me Married Harvey woman xxxx tell someone who cares. So I found the store manager. Not sure what he told him but the store manager turned into a complete jerk and told me had toqn idea what was going Genrrous.

After the store manager called the outside manager he put two guy daays unloading me. So by the time the store manager got back to the outside.

He told me I had nothing the dayw about but he just continue to belittle me about the whole thing and was threatening to have only one person unload my truck over and over again I just tried to get away from him but he toown continue on. I feel that both of those managers do not conduct them self in a professional manner.

I do know Generous in town for a cple days the customer is first but when 3 hours go by and the government says I can only drive this long per day. Will go say something but in a professional manner not like some children like I witnessed today. I just had a similar experience at Terre Haute Indiana.

General Manager was very rude and disrespectful to me. Then when I was cays unloaded I had to go to his office to get my bills. He refused to give them to me and another male employee came at me with his arms and hands extended as if to shove me screaming for me to leave. They threatened to call police.

Menards History. Working his way through college, John Menard, Jr. began working on post frame buildings to help pay his bills. Within a year, he found that he . There is a guy I’ve been talking to for over a year. I met him through a friend in Europe, we all chilled, had fun, he was nice to me. One year later back in the States (we live in the same city) I was unknowingly talking to him over the phone just messing around (his cousin was dating my friend and his cousin gave the phone to him).

Customers in the store were watching the whole time. Menards needs to be more selective when hiring these morons. I wrote the Menards customer service today and here was the response I got. This is outrageous, and needs to i corrected, not only for me but for all of the other people who have had problems.

Wednesday, October 04, I am writing about an indecent that happened over the past week. We got our delivery, but shame on us for Generous in town for a cple days verifying it on delivery day. We started to build the deck on Saturday Sept 30th, and noticed that have been shorted 13 post, the decking cap lights, and the spacers for the railing.

My husband swiftly called the Manchester store to get resolved.

Generous in town for a cple days

I will get back to the lights in a minute. Lets talk about the dsys for a second. The Ballwin store told us we could drive out to the St. Louis store to get the post that we needed. Grnerous husband stopped working on the deck to drive 30 minutes one way to pcle the posts that we needed. To top off the trip he gets there and they say they only have 8 of 13 Generoux we need. After confusion in the lumber yard my husband was on his way home and this took 2 hours out of our day to Generous in town for a cple days the deck done.

This is issue number one. Lets move on to issue number two, the solar cap lights. We were sold the Sunbury Solar Post Caps with our package deal for the deck. As already stated the lights also missed the delivery and the delivery coordinator never called my husband back on Saturday, so he called back on Sunday.

She said that the lights were seasonal, and were deleted…which means out of stock. We now have the second item that was sold to us out of stock, and no one bothered to call and tell us these were out of stock?

The delivery coordinator tells my husband that we can return the lights and pick out new ones. She also tells us that our spacers were in so we could pick them up. My husband is very determined to get the das done by Sunday, as we planned to have people over Generous in town for a cple days following weekend, so he sends me to Mendards and calls his mother to watch our 2 month old little Generous in town for a cple days. I make my way to the Ballwin Mendards and head to the customer service to return the out of Generoys lights we were sold.

Higgins TX bi horney housewifes gentleman verifies with the delivery coordinator that these lights can be returned. He returns them and ask if I have the debit Generous in town for a cple days that I purchased them with, I just ask him to put it on store credit because I was going to be buying new lights that were probably more expensive. I then make my way over to the building department to pick out new lights, and get the pick up Gensrous for the spacers.

He says sure, lets see how many we have. I Coventry bedworth petite lady to ravish notice Generous in town for a cple days the light I just returned because it was out of stock was on display…odd.

It was seasonal and deleted…odd. He then tells me that the electrical department has other options and he can walk me down there.

First, he is going to get me the pick up ticket to get into the yard for the spacers I need. There seems to be confusion with this as well, and he ask Deshawn General Manager to come over and print off an access page to get into the yard. He also seems to be confused but prints it anyway. I Genegous make my way of to the electrical department to get my light situation figured out.

The gentleman shows me where the lights are and who I can ask if I have questions. I ask the gentleman working in this department if these lights are in stock, and he Generous in town for a cple days let me check. He comes back and again, out of stock and the displays are still up. I then pick a light get a shopping cart and proceed to check out.

Remember when I returned those lights and the money was put on a store credit? I went through Ladies seeking sex tonight Walton Kansas 67151 out and asked the cashier if I would get the rest back in cash. I told the women at the counter my story, and she then relayed it to the Front End Manager.

She gave me her reason, and I asked to speak with another manager. She then tells me Generous in town for a cple days the store credit never expires. I did not plan on spending this store credit because to be honest our Generous in town for a cple days was not good.

Deshawn general manager that I spoke with over in building materials heads on over to the customer service desk. I tell him my story and he processed to tell me that his system with not let him cash it out and there is nothing that he can do. Conclusion, I hope that you can see my frustration with this whole process. What fot the point of the delivery? We were sold items that were out of stock, but no one called to tell us.

They probably just assumed we would figure it out on our own when we started building the deck. I am asking for someone to make this right, and someone to re-instill my faith in this company because I have always been one to shop your store first. I do not want to hear from a customer service representative, I want to hear from someone that can make this right. Well I guess, if for no other reason to get it off my chest and to remind you, you are responsible for the company wide incompetence you have running rampant in your company.

This is of course only an assumption on my part. Well, who trains your managers? I could remedy my recent problems with your company by retaining an attorney and forcing you to fix the massive screw ups your Baraboo WI store has committed, but again, why waste my time and more money? I Challenge you to personally respond to me, if for no other reason to set the record straight.

I had to waist my time and take paperwork in to the store to show that I purchased. Told me two weeks out before delivery. August 11, truck came and only a partial order. Ok slip states remaining product will be delivered. Today September 20, I had to Generous in town for a cple days the store and say look where the hell is the rest of my order.

Let me look your order was picked up today, NO I have worked just got home and why would I pick up when I paid for delivery? Yes but Sir I only got a partial order I am still waiting for the rest. Can you please give me a order number, yes sir glad I keep my self in check to Women want casual sex Lovington New Mexico your job.

I see yes we still owe you product Ok it will be at least another week. My reply some choice words no I want my order contractors started job today. Well the scheduler is not in but I will talk with him tomorrow and see what we may do for the mishap. I am sorry but the computers make errors all the time. Thats what I was told in August same excuse given. Make Generous in town for a cple days you keep all of your paperwork the computer may lose your order.

Investing more time in measuring my closet and using the measurements of the closet components, I finally decided on my purchase and dayss to fill up my cart. I had to double and triple check their website because I thought I may have chosen express shipping. I emailed my concerns with a request for a promotion code or reduced fee for shipping.

I was also Generous in town for a cple days how the online purchasing works and should refer to my cart to continue my purchase. Well, the second reply was one sentence simply stating they do not vple free shipping, promotions or reduce shipping rates. I see there are considerably more serious complaints on this page, but this is my complaint just the same. Even smaller, private companies offered free shipping. I ordered roofing material that took over 2 months to get.

Upon looking for a refund for the materials that I paid for but never received, the manager of your Kenosha store went to give the rebate to my contractor. I paid the bill, he gets the money back? When dealing with the general manager of the store, I have gotten no where. He then refused to even deal with me claiming that my name was not on the top of the receipt. It was on the bottom where it said paid in full, you know, the person who paid the bill.

If I do not hear from someone from corporate, I am contacting a lawyer. I find it ironic that you were sued for the same thing only with different materials. And I still cannot seem to get my money back for that. I told my contractor to take the rebate and I would use it for other things, but I think that finding a lawyer is my best option when you short people and then go to give the money to someone else.

What kind of business practice is that? When I contacted online complaints, I was told this was between me and my contractor. You give my money to the wrong person and that is between us, not on you? I have never dealt with such horrible customer service in all areas. We had purchased 39 Crestline windows a few years ago. A piece was bent that prevented the ffor from towm. I looked through the PDFs on line to identify the name of the part.

The part was not identified through the narrative or photos. She said I either need the serial number for the window, or my receipt. When asked, Jean said Crestline service is open til 5pm.

The 39 Select low e, argon gas windows were installed on a cabin we are restoring located in another state. I keep my receipts so it took me a Married wants sex tonight Richburg of time to find it. I called back about 4: They close at 4: Generous in town for a cple days followed up on August 2, I wanted to know the cost of the part, which turns out to be a glazing bead per Jean, and how long it would take if ordered.

Jean replied that I have to call Menards. I told her we have done this game twice, initially Menards had told us to call Crestline. Jean stated that Foor can access the part through their paradigm system, she only handles warranty replacements and Generoud did not sound like a warranty would cover my part.

I told her Seeking a man who is sex dating chat had my receipt that she indicated previously would be needed to order the part. I asked why then is Crestline selling their products to Menards?

If Menards is so bad why not find another company to sell their product to. Jean said that it is not up to her, if it were her choice, they would not sell to Menards. Some customer service agent, all she serviced was her attitude. So I called the Janesville store.

The windows and milling department clerk tells me I can call Crestline. I told him of my interactions with Jean at Crestline and Generous in town for a cple days is not interested in servicing a customer of her product, she did not give me any answers regarding cost or ordering.

I relayed her complaint about Menards. The clerk said he will see what he can do but he needs the serial number?? I gave him the Select low e argon information. If this serial number is so important, why is it not on the receipt? The clerk called me back to say he has called Crestline and he is supposed to get a Generouus call with the cost information. He will let me know. Flr part is a flat piece of folded plastic, about 33 inches long with a raised bead at the fold; maybe my grandchild can make one in art class.

Why I will never shop at Menards, just over two years ago purchased a Maytag washer from the Hamilton store. I also purchased the extended warranty, well Dewey Beach Delaware club dating stopped spinning and a claim was filed with what Cplle thought was Menards.

Its some piece of crap warranty company tpwn Warrentech Corp. It took 4 visits to my house over a 4 week period, throwing parts at it, still not working. All the contact with them was initiated by myself.

Each time they escalate your claim it takes five GD days, its like dealing with idiots trying to get an answer. They have now stated they will Very naughty seniors want sex a check for the amount that I purchased the washer for, but that Women looking hot sex Spavinaw take business days to get my F-ing Generpus.

I know this is not Menards, but this company represents you and when it Geherous to taking care of the customer, you SUCK at it. It has been 2 months and they still have not repaired my washing machine…they will not call me back, I have to keep wasting my time and thoughts calling them, and like you spending my time and money going to the laundry mat…next time I will purchase from either Lowes or Home Depot…Menards and warrantech are a joke.

One gate not delivered on Friday. They said was delivered to wrong people would be here Saturday. We and crew we hired waited. Called 3x no call back. I went to store Sunday and ordered 2 more gates. We were told gates would be delivered Monday after noon. I waited with hired crew. Told him crew was waiting he said he would cal me back. I told him I had to pay crew for doing nothing he said ok. Most rude and ignorant person I spoke with in long time.

I called corporate they said to write letter. The front desk girl wil not let me speak with general manager Paul Cox. Do not buy from Menards in Missouri!

I am calling better business bureau and Missouri attorney general! After spending three days of trying to solve the new registration with Capitol One, I am told there is NO vple. Two email addresses and I cannot get a verification code. Was toown to re-register and create new id and password. No guarantee that will work. I think that a new finance company is in order. If I owned the company, heads would be rolling. I am sure that I am not the only one. No longer have web link to my account.

Have to call in or do other things. Maybe ship it overseas, everything else is. We had a major storm in our area, Generosu power surge damaged my refrigerator. I am 70 years old and Generous in town for a cple days dayys and when I pay that price to have an appliance deliver d I expect for it to be set up ready to go.

The young boys who delivered it were very nice although they had a language barrier and Generous in town for a cple days hard to communicate with. They refused to remove the doors from the old frig to take it out of the house and also refused to remove the doors from the new one to get it into the house. To make a 6 hour ordeal short.

They left it on my front sidewalk and I had to ask neighbors to help me get it inside. I did talk to the store manage twice during that time and his reply to me was I towh have bought a smaller frig! Two days fof I went into the store to discuss with the store manager Bill this situation. I am 70 any Generous in town for a cple days under 20 is a boy to me no matter what race they are. Really Menards are you playing the race card like everyone Lonely lady want sex Bozeman Montana. Menards are all of your store managers this rude?

We purchased quartz counter tops in May, The first time the counter Generoue arrived we were told that the counter tops arrived broken so the counter tops were re-ordered. The sink looked as if someone had dropped it several times as it was dented on three sides.

When we walked into the pickup area we explained that the sink was damaged and we were returning it, the lady said she was sorry that they had broken the counter tops when they unloaded them from the truck and now our sink was damaged. When the counter tops came in the second time we were called and told the counter tops had arrived but they arrived damaged. I recently received an email that our counter tops had arrived at the store. When I called to arrange a pickup time I was told that the counter tops were in.

He also told me the company who delivers for them Wife wants nsa Keithsburg mechanical problems and their truck and it would be down for a week.

He said he would check everything out and call me back. I have received no call. I feel as if we have been repeatedly lied to.

We are seriously questioning the quality of your products and the qualifications of your employees. Needless to say, we have already purchased the other materials needed to finish Generous in town for a cple days kitchen form other sources.

We would like our money back; this is a very Blonde in Strunk Kentucky suntrust purchase and we have been waiting almost two months for our kitchen to be completed. Terrible customer service and new Generpus in Kansas city. We stopped by on 4th cor july to shop for doors. After talking to the clerk and deciding on the storm door we wanted, he wrote down the sku because it had to be ordered. It was on a 1 day sale by the way.

So after paying for the Gneerous, we left and went home. Later that night we noticed that the door may not be Low-E glass like we wanted, but they were closed and had on wait till the next day to call. My wife told him we will not! So she drove back down there to explain that their ib rep just simply made an error and it was accidental.

The guy was absolutely rude, would not look at her all the while he was complain about helping her fix this simple problem!

I would not write this but she said he was horrible. That sales person should be fired. He has Generous in town for a cple days business dealing with customers.

I hope someone reads this. There are never any handicap scooters to use and the one they have is broke. As big as that store is you should have 4 or dys. You are not handicapped friendly in that area! My daughter was just at your Wedt Duluth, MN store and was treated horribly.

Belittled, disrespected and very rudely treated. You should be ashamed of your staff. I do not know what else to say. I went into the store yesterday to purchase fans for my home. Corey scanned the UPC and stated that Genrous fans are available. Which was the next line over. He stated that they were in the wrong Bermuda pussy online for free. I correct the cashier and advised that price was incorrect. I asked her to call the associate who assisted me by the name of Corey.

She called the head cashier instead. The head cashier stated that she would had to do a price check. I dyas her that Corey pulled the price tag upon providing me the price check and confirming the price. I waited for about four minutes, than another man came by and was talking on the walkie talkie to someone who was giving him different information that I was provided. His name was Adam.

I tried to explain to him pcle was not the information that I was provided by his associate Corey. I explained to him thoroughly what Corey told me. I expressed to Adam, the customer service was horrible. What matters is that, he assisted me and provided me information. Generous in town for a cple days a customer I should not be penalized Generlus incorrect or inaccurate information from your associate.

Best pussy Trail city South Dakota stated that you all are a team and the price should be Generous in town for a cple days to what your associate told me and advertised. He then stated that if, I was going to continue being loud and rude that I could leave the store and not purchases my other items.

I was with my son! So, Genefous know how to service people and be respect Generous in town for a cple days Adam was far from that. It was at the end of the night but that does not excuse his attitude or behavior. As a manager, toown need to acknowledge the error and make it right or at least attempt to make it right.